PersonalFit™ PLUS Breast Shields

PersonalFit™ PLUS Breast Shields are clinically proven to deliver more milk and more comfort. The oval-shaped breast shields with 105° opening angle are designed to reduce pressure on the breast to optimize comfort and remove more milk after 15 minutes than traditional breast shields with 90° angle.

Features & Benefits

  • More Milk: After 15 minutes of double pumping, 11% more milk was obtained

  • More Comfort: Mothers described pumping as more gentle and natural
  • Customisable: Available in a range of five different tunnel sizes to help ensure optimal nipple fit, and works with all Medela breast pumps

  • Sale Material: Does not contain BPA, PVC, natural rubber latex and phthalates
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PersonalFit™ PLUS Breast Shields are the new standard in breast shield design. They are based on Medela’s ground-breaking research and clinically proven benefits resulting from more than 1,000 pumping sessions. We used 3D scans of lactating breasts with modelling software to find the best angle for optimal fit. The result is a new 105° breast shield with optimized oval shape.

A research team, coordinated by Medela Research Associate Dr. Danielle Prime assessed the performance of the 105° breast shield. The findings showed the PersonalFit™ PLUS Breast Shields provided more milk and more comfort.

(1) Bag of 25 PersonalFit™ PLUS Breast Shields

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