Breastfeeding as a Busy Mum: An Interview with Karisha

Breastfeeding as a busy mum can be challenging! So, to get some advice, we sat down with Karisha, who has 6 children. We hope that you find this interview helpful...

What Are Your Tips for Managing Day-to-Day with a Big Family?

It sounds cliché, but having a routine is so important.

Children seem to unravel when the unexpected happens, so, each night before bed, I run through the “plan of action” for the next day. It helps them know what to expect and to mentally prepare for it.

I also find that children have an uncanny ability to forget even the simplest tasks, like brushing their teeth, picking up their toys, putting their clothes in the laundry and doing homework.

A simple chore chart helps with this and, if they manage to do all their chores without being reminded, they are rewarded with some “screen time” (iPad) – educational apps of course!

Also, let’s not forget about online shopping. Ain’t nobody crazy enough to go to a grocery store with 5 kids in tow!

What Have Been Your Breastfeeding Hurdles and How Have You Overcome Them?

My biggest breastfeeding hurdle, in the past, was supply issues. This wasn’t a problem from the get-go though.

I seem to start out with guns (or should I say boobs) blazing, only to have my output literally dwindle overnight once each baby reaches around 3-months-old. This, of course, results in an unsettled and unsatisfied baby, which, in turn, leads to a stressed me.

In order to prevent this from happening, in the early days, while my boobs are busy being overachievers, I pump after every feed and store the breastmilk. This way, when and if the time comes, I have a ready supply of my breastmilk on hand to offer top-ups.

Why Did You Want to Use a Medela Breast Pump?

Since this is my 6th baby, I won’t lie, I’ve tried a lot of breast pumps. Most of them are bulky, don’t last the distance, are noisy, cause discomfort or come with limited breast shield size options. The list goes on and on.

When doing my research this time round, the proof was in the reviews. I mean, there’s a reason that Medela is hospital recommended, mum recommended and award winning… right?

I’ve gone with the Swing Maxi because I like the fact it can be used as a double pump. Even though I’m yet to try it out, I don’t think that I’ll be disappointed.

What Are Your Reasons for Needing a Breast Pump? Low Milk Supply? Lifestyle?

For me, the biggest reason for purchasing a breast pump is to ensure there is a backup plan.

I’ve had enough babies to know that things happen. Sometimes a tongue or lip tie can prevent bubs from latching. Other times, you’re not making enough milk and need to boost your supply. You also need to think about how to get your baby your breastmilk when you are away.

Having an electric breast pump makes these things possible in a convenient way.

What is Your Number One #mumhack?

Food. Nothing distracts an impending toddler meltdown, fixes an ouchie or stops a sibling fight in its tracks quicker than the allure of food. Always have easy, yummy snacks packed for those times when bribery is the only way your sanity will prevail.

Are you breastfeeding in a family with more than one child? What do you do to keep things calm and relatively organized? What other breastfeeding tips would you like to offer to the women in our community? Let’s have a chat here or on the Medela Australia Facebook page!