The Importance of Partners in the Support Networks of Australian Mums

Medela recently commissioned a survey with over 7,800 respondents. The survey provided insights into the support network for Australian mums and the role of their partner...

The results showed that our partners offer the most support emotionally and practically. They are also the key to breastfeeding success.

We showed the survey results to Mum’s Journey blogger, Lisa and her husband, Tim. Read their response to the results below or download the pdf with all of the results here.


Looking over the results together, Tim and I both felt that our relationship aligned with the findings.

Our journey to parenthood has definitely been a duo act whereby the support of each other has been essential to overcoming any hurdle that has presented itself. It also helped us to successfully form special bonds with our daughters.

It was pleasing to see that the results are very affirming towards the fathers in their role. It’s wonderful that so many fathers are doing the right things and positively contributing to the new world of parenthood!


I felt very pleased to see that fathers were being recognised by their partners for their role as a support, emotionally.

At times, it can feel as though there isn’t much a bloke can do to help out. It can often feel like the majority of the workload is on the mother.

The ability to just be there and let them know they are not alone has been my biggest role. I also love connecting, engaging and bonding with my two beautiful girls.

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