Medela Australia Chats with Sarah from Stuff Mums Like

Medela Australia recently sat down with Sarah from Stuff Mums Like. We discussed her experience with breastfeeding and her opinions regarding Medela’s products. We hope you enjoy our discussion...

How do you feel about breastfeeding for the second time around? Are you more or less nervous/confident?

I was definitely looking forward to breastfeeding again. The first time was much harder than I had anticipated but this time I knew what to expect.

The first few weeks, until breastfeeding was established, were difficult, but now, at two months, I am really enjoying it.

What made you want to use Medela products on your breastfeeding journey?

Medela has an outstanding reputation. There is also a very comprehensive range of products. I also feel that Medela is supportive of breastfeeding and wants to assist mothers to breastfeed as long as possible.

What are you most excited about for having a baby second time around?

Watching my son be an amazing big brother and seeing their relationship as siblings develop. This is also my last baby so I am relishing every moment... I don’t want her to grow up!

Is there a Medela product you can’t live without?

The Medela Swing Maxi Double Pump – it is so quick and efficient!

What plans have you made to manage a toddler and a newborn?

Right from the moment we told our son we were pregnant we referred to the baby as, “your baby.” We still do this now and it has really made him feel a part of it all.

He is very involved. He helps bathe her, change her nappy, feed her a bottle of expressed milk. He gives her cuddles and kisses every day – it is so lovely to watch.

Now it’s your turn! How would you describe your breastfeeding experience? What breastfeeding questions do you have? Let’s have a chat here or on our Medela Australia Facebook page.