New Mums Talk About Why Motherhood is Different for Everybody (Video)

Motherhood really is a different experience for every mum.

In April, Medela conducted a survey with over 4000 mums. Some of the main findings were that mums no longer turned to their mums as a first point of call for advice on pregnancy and that 48% of mums have experienced the “baby blues” at some point...

In this video, we sit down with bloggers House of White, Cherry and Me, Flat Out Mum, Annni xoxo, Kangaroo Spotting, Parenting Central, The Urban Ma and Stay at Home Mum to discuss their experiences of being a mum!

Join these amazing mums as they talk about bringing their babies home for the first time, dealing with “mother’s guilt,” finding the best websites for mums, using the MyMedela app and much more! If you are a new mum or are expecting a baby soon, you won’t want to miss this heart-warming video!

Are you a mum? If so, what advice would you give to the other women in our community? If not, are you expecting a little one soon? What are you looking forward to the most? What are you perhaps a little concerned about? Please join the conversation!