Breastfeeding Question: Can I Breastfeed with Larger Nipples?

Many women say that they were worried in pregnancy about the size of their nipples but were too frightened or embarrassed to talk to their health care provider about it...

We all come in different shapes and sizes, that’s the beauty in all of us, as life would be very boring if we were all the same! That includes the size and shape of our breasts and nipples.

You will find other blogs we have written on feeding with larger breasts and feeding with inverted or flat nipples as well.

Nipples Come in All Shapes and Sizes

As nipples come in all shapes and sizes you should definitely not feel worried about this, but be proactive.

It is a really good idea to discuss this with your midwife whilst you are still pregnant or ask for an antenatal referral to see a lactation consultant. The midwife or lactation consultant will be able to look at your nipples and give you some advice.

What to Do if You Have Concerns

For some women, a larger size nipple will cause absolutely no problems with breastfeeding. But for other women, you and your baby may need some more support in the beginning.

Some babies have a smallish mouth size and just cannot feed on a large nipple that doesn’t fit into their mouth. In this case, the midwives will help you to initiate your milk supply in the hospital with a hospital-grade Symphony breast pump in combination with hand expression and massage.

You may need to express to build and maintain your supply for a few weeks until baby has grown enough to feed well on your nipple and breast.

So in summary…

Don’t panic!

Seek help in your pregnancy from an expert in breastfeeding support.

Wait and see. Your baby may have no problems attaching to your breast.

If the nipple is still a bit too big and baby cannot attach well to breastfeed, then initiate your milk supply within the first hour after birth and express at least 8 times in 24 hours to build and maintain your milk supply until baby has grown enough to breastfeed well.

Seek as much support as you need along the way from your midwives, maternal child health nurse or lactation consultant.

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