Hey Mum! Can I Please Have Some More Breast Milk?

Hey Mum! I have to tell you that I just love what you’ve been eating recently. That breast milk of yours is pretty awesome!

Did you know that the whole time when I was in your tummy I was tasting what you were eating?

You see, I swallowed plenty of the liquid in your tummy during the last few months. And everything you ate flavoured the liquid! It was so yummy!

I remember those banana smoothies you used to like to drink in the morning. I even liked the spinach you put in them!

I Love All of These New Flavours!

Now that I’m out and having breastfeeds I still get different tastes. In fact mummy, it tastes different each time I have a breastfeed. Some of the flavours I remember from being in your tummy, but, there’s are new ones now, as well. It’s almost like you were not allowed to eat certain foods whilst I was in your tummy!

Having Your Breastmilk is Never Boring Mummy

I love your breast milk. It’s like I’m having breakfast with you… mmm scrambled eggs and tomatoes in a beautiful milky combination. You really know how to spoil me mummy.

Do you know that because I’ve been eating all these flavours whilst in your tummy and now through your delish milk it will help me move on to eating these foods for real once you start giving them to me when I’m a little older.

I’ve even heard that babies like me who taste carrots, while in their mums’ tums, enjoy eating carrots when they get bigger. Cool!

So, I’m just letting you know mum that you better start eating the cabbage and broccoli now to help me increase my tastebuds!

Please Don’t Take Away My Breast Milk Too Quickly

Even when you do start to give me grown-up food, I’d still like to have your milk too. It keeps adding to my diet and changing flavour with whatever you eat.

May I just say that the Thai curry you ate last night was particularly flavoursome! Even though I get flavour through other foods once I’m big enough, your breast milk will be my favourite for a while yet.

Don’t forget that I still need a lot of it! I will still need to drink a lot of it, at least until I’m 12 months and probably even passed that.

I Will Remember Your Milk Forever!

Even when I’m much older, which feels a really long way off, and I’m only having a few feeds at the breast a day, I want you to know that I love you and the milk you have given me.

No matter how much there was it was so yummy and so warm, I always feel so loved and comfy when you hold me and I see your smiley face looking at me. These, mummy, are some of my favourite times of the day.

Did you know that the flavour of your breast milk changes depending on what you eat? How would you describe your breastfeeding experience so far? Let’s have a chat here or on our Medela Australia Facebook page.