Hey Mum! I Love My New Baby Brother! Let’s Keep Him!

Hey mum! I want you to know I love having a new baby brother. He is so sweet to look at and he has the softest skin...

I admit it… I did feel a little annoyed that you just bought him home one day. “Where did he come from?” I thought. I know you said he grew in your tummy but that doesn’t make any sense!

I’m Ready to Share

Anyway, I’ve decided I like him and I will share my dinosaurs with him; as long as I get to play with them first. Which one do you think he’ll like best tyrannosaurus or diplodocus?

Speaking of noisy creatures…

I Love My New Baby Brother… But He’s as Loud as My Dinosaurs!

I’m also happy now if he shares some of the cuddles with you… but he does like to cuddle into you A LOT mum! And he does make A LOT of noise, please tell him to be quieter sometimes!

I Have SO MANY Questions!

Hey mum! I really like that me and you sit next to each other and have a snack when he has his breastfeed. He wants to join in too! How long will it be until he is old enough to play with me, mum? When will he talk? I want to play barbies, and cars, and colouring, and go in the sandpit with him.

Please Let Me Help… It Makes Me Feel So Special!

Hey mum! I really like how you let me help change his nappy with you. I love being mummy’s little helper. And I’m getting good, aren’t I? I know how to get you the wipes and a clean nappy, don’t I?

Cor, he does a lot of them! Pooey! And when we’re finished changing him he normally wants to feed again.

My baby brother loves food. Did I love your milk, when I was little like him?

Thanks for Making Me Feel Special, Even Though You Have to Spend Time with Him Too

Hey mum! I’m glad that, when you have to keep feeding him, you let me go over to my special basket and take out a new book or toy we have gotten from the library that week. It’s nice to cuddle into you and do a jigsaw or read together.

Today, I’m going to colour in a picture for my little brother. Will you help me write on it “I’m your big sister?” I especially like that we make our “breastfeeding” snacks together in the morning.

I love my little colour pots I get to open every time we sit together and he is breastfeeding. My favourite is when I get raisins or apple in my pot. It’s always a surprise and I never know what I will get each time. I don’t’ think I eat as much as my baby brother but I do like to have these snacks with you mummy.

Do You Think He Likes My Singing?

I think he loves it… after all, he listened to me all the time he has been in your tummy, which was for ages! I think he likes the alphabet song best. Listen, mummy I’m going to sing it… “A, B, C, D, E, F, G…”

I Still Love You Mum!

I wasn’t impressed when you brought my new baby brother home from the hospital. I worried that we wouldn’t get to spend as much time together! I even needed to have a good cry.

It’s hard to have to share everything, at first. I was worried you might not love me enough anymore.

He was so noisy those first few nights. He kept everyone awake and I really did not want to keep him then! But, now I see how lovely he is and I see how much you still love me.

Cuddling you is the best thing in the world. I love you THIS MUCH mum. Also, I think I’m used to him now… and I think we should keep him.

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