How To Keep Calm & Get Into A Good Rhythm Of Breastfeeding With Your Little One During COVID-19

It can be tricky during these COVID-19 times to juggle a newborn baby, family, and work, especially during restrictions when grandparents/parents can’t visit and help share the load. Lyn Zheng from shares her useful tips for coping through COVID-19 with a newborn and a six-year-old to help you keep calm and carry on, as mamas do!

Hi everyone, I’m Lyn and I’m a mum to a little girl Mia who is 7, and a new baby boy Enzo, who is 2 months old. Enzo is our little miracle baby whom we have waited so long for. He completes our family and we are so blessed to have him.

I was very fortunate to have a relatively easy breastfeeding journey with my daughter. She fed on demand, latched on easily from the very beginning, and my milk supply was very sufficient.

This is not to say I didn’t experience the pain that comes with breastfeeding

Like a lot of Mums, I too experienced engorgement pains, cracked nipples, uncontrollable let-downs and even the dreaded Mastitis, not once but twice. Initially I was concerned that I wasn’t producing enough as my breast milk didn’t come in until about day 3. I remember thinking at the time, why didn’t anyone tell me about what to expect in the first few days after birth? There were moments of toe curling and teeth gritting pain when she would latch on. There were also moments when I didn’t think I could continue breastfeeding, but I pushed through and eventually the pain settled after a few days.

Once we got into a good rhythm, I was able to breastfeed Mia all the way to 20 months

One of the difficulties I had with Mia was that she refused to take the bottle which made it extremely difficult and stressful when I had to go back to work. In hindsight, I should have expressed earlier and introduced the bottle when she was a lot younger rather than trying to get her to take the bottle at 12 months. I’m pretty sure I purchased every single bottle on the market but to no avail.

Second time around with my son Enzo, my breastfeeding journey was a lot more straightforward, I knew what to expect

I knew my milk wouldn’t come in until about day 3. I knew to trust my body to be able to produce enough to nourish my baby. I knew to expect the initial pain and to persevere to get through those initial days until the pain settles and your body gets into a rhythm.

I also started to express with the help of my Medela Swing Flex pump, and bottle-feed my expressed breast milk from when he was born. Enzo had no issues latching on and also accepted the bottle with no problem. This has allowed my husband and daughter to be able to feed him which made it very special and has allowed them to have some nice bonding time with Enzo. It’s also allowed me to have some much-needed relaxation alone time.

It’s so important to find time for yourself, especially during these unprecedented, COVID-19 times

I have been taking time out of my day every morning to go on a walk with Enzo in the pram and Mia on her scooter down to our local cafe to grab a coffee and a little treat.

My advice to new Mums starting their breastfeeding journey is to be patient, trust in your body and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

I really love breast feeding my children. That quiet bonding time is like no other. I loved the way they look into my eyes, the gentle skin strokes and the way they reach up to touch my face. I’m so grateful to be able to breastfeed both my children and to have this wonderful experience.


*If you are experiencing pain while breastfeeding, contact your healthcare professional or GP for advice. You can also contact the free Australian Breastfeeding Association breastfeeding helpline by calling 1800 686 268. The Breastfeeding Helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is staffed by trained, volunteer counsellors who answer calls on a roster system in their own homes.