Mum’s Journey: 10 Weeks Old, Time for a Routine?

In my last post, I said I was ready for routine. This was me thinking that I wanted Sophie to be feeding every four hours and sleeping through the night… I’d read a couple of “those books!” 

So I held high expectations of achieving a new routine for my almost 10 week old and I was highly optimistic…

Is it Time for a Routine?

I got in touch with Katie for a Skype call. We talked through what I was wanting in the way of a routine and Katie asked me to tell her what was happening in terms of Sophie’s “normal” feeding pattern.

I explained how Sophie was now feeding every two hours, occasionally going three hours between feeds in the daytime and only waking once at night. The nighttime sleep has been amazing and I don’t mind the feeding so much through the day. It’s just a little inconvenient with my three-year-old daughter and having to get out the door to activities!

What’s “Normal” Anyway?

Katie assured me that this was “totally normal” and explained how babies usually develop certain routines that fit with their feeding needs.

Sophie was doing exactly what she should be. Sometimes, as a mum, you just need someone to listen and provide some reassurance.

I know, having done it all before, that each baby is different and comes with its own set of issues. Katie, as a trained professional, was able to tell me why Sophie was feeding/sleeping/pooing the way she was. Just as important, she was always able to back up what she was saying with evidence.

I felt confident that the information being passed on was accurate. This is not always the case with online information.

Talking with Katie, I was also able to go over Sophie’s poos, her frenzied feeds in the lead up to a bowel movement and her sleeping habits.

I believe that feeding is not a standalone process; it is the trifecta of feed/settle/sleep that needs fine-tuning to make life run smoothly with a newborn.

Katie’s little tips and reminders have given me something to test out… and to use to re-train the hubby :)

Here’s hoping that it’s smooth sailing from here!

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