Mum’s Journey: At 21-Weeks Old, Things Are Getting Really Busy!

21 weeks have passed and Coby is nearly 5 months old (3 months corrected age). Since my last entry, we’ve had a lot on.

Unfortunately, Coby’s reflux has not settled down much despite trying several different things at the pediatrician’s recommendation. We still have one or two feeds a day where he gets so upset after a few minutes on the breast that I have to express and switch to a bottle.

I have also looked into alternative medicine. Unfortunately, I’m not having much luck with either approach...

As a last resort, on my paediatrician’s advice, I have cut a few things out of my diet to see if that makes a difference. The best breastfeeds are first thing in the morning when we are both relaxed and lying in bed.

Where possible, I’m trying to be home for our other feeds since I would really like to continue breastfeeding. This is especially important given my ample supply. If I’m going out, I rarely breastfeed anymore as Coby will typically scream and not feed properly.

I’m passionate about women feeling comfortable to breastfeed while out and about. Unfortunately, it’s just not working for us at the moment. So, I’m expressing and bottle feeding where necessary.

It’s Physio Time

While working through our reflux issue, Coby has also seen a paediatric physio. He has a mild torticollis (tight neck) and plagiocephaly (flat head). The paediatric physio is fantastic and, after implementing the recommendations, both conditions are slowly correcting.

I never thought I would celebrate my baby’s bald patch moving to the other side of his head as his tightness relaxes, but, I am. The things we do, hey!

Mums Don’t Get Sick Days

The last week saw both Coby and I come down with heavy colds. He went from being a really easy baby (aside from the reflux) to being very unsettled. He was crying a lot, not feeding well and waking up in the night. This went on for 10 days over the school holidays, which was incredibly challenging.

I felt like I wasn’t being the mum I wanted to be and I just couldn’t shake the bug. I haven’t had a cold in years and I’m not in a rush for another one.

As a mum, no matter how you feel, you can’t call in sick. Thankfully, we’ve now turned a corner and are back into our regular routine. Following is what some of our days typically look like.

We Like Routine in Our House

6.30 – 7am: Wake up and breastfeed.

7 – 9am: Eat breakfast, get Charlie ready for school, practice piano and express (using the Medela Symphony and expressing bra).

9am – I often go for a walk or do Pilates at this time, while Coby has his morning sleep in the pram bassinet. If I’m on my own, I will use the time to catch up on podcasts or phone calls. Otherwise, I walk with friends, which is a great way to catch up.

10.30am – Home and feed. If we are out, I will often take a bottle of expressed milk as it’s easier and more relaxing for both of us. I keep the Medela Swing in the car just in case I also need to express while out.

11am – 12pm – Play/ready/tummy time. If I have any appointments for myself or Coby, I try to fit them in around this time. This is the time when his is fed, happy and not meant to be sleeping.

12pm – Coby goes to sleep and I use this time to catch up on washing, cooking and just pottering around. Sometimes, a friend comes over and we catch up.

2.30pm – Coby wakes up, feeds and plays. We then get ready for our school pick up.

3.30pm – School pick up

4 – 6pm – We are either at home with Charlie’s school friends, out at the park or taking part in after school activities. Coby has another nap, often in the pram.

6-8 – Family dinner time. Depending on how organized I am, Coby will have a feed either before or after the rest of us have our dinner. To help him get used to the idea of solids, he sits in the bouncer next to the dinner table and watches us eat.

8pm – One night a week, I sneak out to a post-natal Pilates class at this time. Most other days, Stu and I use this time to tidy up and catch up on life.

10pm – I express before going to bed. Stu then has some bonding time with Coby, while he does a dream feed with the bottle. All being well, we don’t hear from him until after 6am!

Do you have a routine with your baby? Or, do you prefer to keep your time flexible? Let’s have a chat here or on the Medela Australia Facebook page.