Mum’s Journey: Is it Brave to Breastfeed in Public?

Someone asked me the other day, “How do you have the confidence to breastfeed your baby in public?”

My response was, “Do I need the confidence to make my family toast in the morning?” Their face was perfect… tongue hanging out of the side of their mouth, head tilted in thought. Then, they responded, “No...”

I said, “I didn’t think so... so, why would I need the confidence to breastfeed my small one in public? It’s exactly the same thing.”

“You need toast for breakfast because you are hungry. My small one needs my boobs for his breakfast...” case closed!

I wouldn’t think twice about getting my boobs out. Of course, it couldn’t be just anywhere. For example, I wouldn’t breastfeed right in front of someone. That would prevent me from giving my small the comfort, food and security that breastfeeding provides.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case for everyone. This is really sad. In fact, honestly, it’s frustrating.

So, I only have one thing to say to all of you. This is your journey, your small one and your rules!

If you want to breastfeed your small one on a bus, DO IT!

If you want to breastfeed in a food court, DO IT!

If you want to breastfeed your small one on an airplane, DO IT!

You should never feel like you have to hide or cover-up. You should never feel embarrassed for doing something so natural and beneficial for your small one.

If someone has an issue you feeding your baby, ask them if they cover up their knife and fork when they eat their dinner. They will almost certainly say NO. Well, isn’t it exactly the same thing as you using your boob to feed your baby?

It’s like their utensil to eat their dinner. In other words BUGGER them and get your boobs out. Haha!

Keep going mammas! You’re doing a great job! xxx

Do you feel comfortable breastfeeding in public? Why or why not? Let’s have a chat here or on the Medela Australia Facebook page.