Breastfeeding is Sometimes Difficult, but, it’s Always Worth it!

Even before giving birth, I knew that the health benefits of breastfeeding were going to make me determined to give it my best shot. However, I quickly learned that breastfeeding, so often described as natural, can seem so unnatural...

It Was Nothing Like What I Had Expected

Yes, I thought it would just happen with ease; my baby would jump on the breast and I would provide the milk… ha! Things weren’t quite so easy!

The ups and downs that go along with breastfeeding can, at times, become overwhelming. Along the way, you experience pain, worry and self-doubt. “Am I doing this right?” Finding my rhythm with my little ones was hard work.

The Beauty in it Makes it Worth it!

Knowing that the piercing cry of my newborn baby can be soothed in a minute with my mumma intuition and the comfort of the breast outweighed the sore nipples and the rollercoaster of emotions for me.

I look back on those first few chaotic weeks with my two girls and I am grateful for those quiet precious moments between mother and daughter in the middle of the night.

Being forced to sit down to feed, to soak in that newborn scent and to watch the look of awe on my older daughters face and to hear her inquisitive questions of the feeding process was magical. I loved how my mummy intuition kicked in when I needed it to and how my strength kept me going when things got tough.

Now, four months in with my second beautiful daughter, I look down and smile at how she takes ownership of my breast, how she looks up with a cheeky grin, how she plays with it and, on occasion, uses me as a dummy. I love how she is thriving and gaining weight, how she is calm and content at the breast and how we have found our rhythm.

I Am Grateful for These Moments

I am thankful to have been able to continue to breastfeed for so long. I am grateful for the amazing support system surrounding me and helping to make this journey a success. I appreciate the lactation consultants who have guided me through tricky periods (especially Katie for her expertise and beautiful manor).

I also appreciate my amazing husband getting up to check if things were OK and to settle bubs so I could get some extra shut-eye. Finally, I appreciate my family for positively reinforcing all that we were doing.

Can Breastfeeding Be Hard? YES! Is it Worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

I am so thankful to be able to breastfeed my babies!

How would you describe your own breastfeeding journey? Who are you grateful for? Let’s have a chat and support each other here or on the Medela Australia Facebook page!