Mum’s Journey: Coby is 2 Months Old Today!

Coby is two months old today and has been home for over four weeks now. How time flies!

On his due date, he weighed 3.46kg and was 50cm long. This means he’s really caught up in size, which is fantastic.

He’s started smiling a lot and enjoys having floor and tummy time. He is even big enough to go in a bouncer and has little rolls on his legs, which are super cute...

He looks much more like a term newborn now with chubby little cheeks.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve increased his breastfeeds and reduced the bottle top-ups with thickener. He’s keeping it all down, which is a great sign.

I will still keep a bottle feed going each day, however. The 10pm feed is the regular bottle feed with Dad, which gives them bonding time together and also allows me to get to sleep before I wake up and do the 2am feed. This approach has kept me feeling relatively fresh most of the time and also able to leave the house at other times if I need to.

Out and About and Birthdays Galore

Since my last post, we have had Stu’s 40th, my Mother in law’s 70th and my own birthday to celebrate. I organized dinner out for my birthday with some of my girlfriends.

I breastfed before I went out and Stu organized the 10pm bottle. I didn’t have to rush home that night.

Coby was due to be born in amongst all of this but he probably wanted his own birthday month!

It’s a Balancing Act

I’ve had Charlie home on school holidays, so we’ve been balancing time at home with celebrations and holiday activities.

I used to be a full-time working mum. So, these are the first summer holidays I’ve been home and with a newborn this has definitely challenged my multitasking abilities.

We are also now back down at the beach, which is our second trip away since Coby came home. Consequently, we have been out and about a lot, which has been great but does require a lot of planning. This ensures we keep things as stress free as possible for everybody and ensures my breastfeeding journey is an enjoyable one.

For example, one day, I took Charlie and a friend to the museum. We left after the morning feed with Coby in the capsule, had lunch at a restaurant and then visited the museum.

When Coby’s next feed was due, I timed it with afternoon tea for the boys who then played at the playground. This way, Coby and I could focus on feeding and Charlie had something fun to do while I’m tied up. It’s a win/win plan and I use this regularly.

It’s Not All Smooth Sailing, However!

There have definitely been some times when things were not so easy. On one particularly crazy day, when I had to be at many events, I was happy I’d packed my Medela Swing Maxi.

I ended up expressing discreetly in the back of our car a couple of times that day. This wasn’t ideal, but, I’m so grateful I had the option.

On the flip side, one of my most pleasurable experiences was when we’d gone for a walk one evening and walked for longer than planned. Coby was due for his feed and he was not waiting to get back home.

We sat down on the beach and I fed him, while watching the sunset. There was hardly anybody else around and I will hold that memory for a long time. A little flexibility goes a long way.

My Hot Tips for a Smoother Breastfeeding Experience, While Being Out and About

First, time activities in between feeds and try to avoid driving somewhere immediately before a feed is due. Then, use the feed time for food breaks for others and have something for your other child (if relevant) to do while you feed bubs.

Next, know where the parent’s rooms are at shopping centres. It makes shopping with a bubba much easier when you can stop and feed in comfort.

If you are doing an EBM bottle feed while in a café or restaurant, ask for a cup of hot water as soon as you arrive so the milk is warming as soon as you sit down. This means you don’t have a hungry, crying child while you wait. You, bubs (and everybody else there) will be more relaxed.

Consider having a breastfeeding wrap handy. The latest clever designs don’t require tucking anything in to your clothes. This has helped me personally to make breastfeeding in public much more comfortable.

If you’re going away, make sure you take your pump. Also, pack enough bottles and breast milk bags to store excess in the fridge or freezer.

If you’re out and about, pick a comfortable feeding or expressing chair where you’re staying just like you have at home.

The Medela Quick Clean bags are a must when you are away from home. They make cleaning as quick and easy as it can be.

How would you describe your breastfeeding experience? What one thing do you wish someone had told you before you started your breastfeeding journey? Let’s have a chat here or on the Medela Australia Facebook page!