Mum’s Journey: Days 29-34, Weight Gains, at Last!

Following is a conversation between Medela Mum Lisa and our lactation consultant, Katie. This conversation took place between 29-34 days after the birth of Lisa’s daughter, Sophie...

They have also added a few additional thoughts at the end of this article to help you understand the context of their conversation. We hope that you find it useful as you continue your own breastfeeding journey.

At 29 days old…


“Hi Katie - all going really well!

We've just had two good nights of sleep and a very settled bubba. We haven't had to turn to the formula as my expressing seems to suffice.

I think my supply has come good with all the pumping. Thanks for checking in and all your knowledgeable advice.



“Phew! I'm so relieved. This sounds like good news. Well done. You're a trouper. I can imagine how hard this has been, emotionally and physically.

When do you get Sophie weighed again? Keep up the good work. Depending on her weight we'll discuss next steps from there.


At 31 days old…


“We had Sophie weighed today and she gained 186g in a week. We are on the right track!

Hoping to drop the expressing down a bit soon.

Enjoy your time away!

Thanks for checking in.



“Hooray! That's marvellous news!

Well done you. I can only imagine how hard it's been. You're doing so well. 

Ok so here’s an updated feeding plan when you feel ready: 

Start by stopping two of the top up feeds for the next 2-3 days. So instead of 8 per day she now has 6 per day. 

When you think Sophie is coping with this reduction in top up feeds then drop one more top up feed out per day. So instead of 6 top up feeds she is having 5 top ups. Take another feed out every 1-3 days. This means you are gradually removing the top up feeds out of Sophie’s diet. 

Keep expressing as you have been doing (6-8 times every 24 hours) until we are sure Sophie is taking enough at the breast alone. We’ll know this by seeing another good weight gain even though we’ve taken out the top up feeds. 

Then we'll start to reduce everything until you’re just breastfeeding again with no top up feeds and no more expressing!

- Katie”

A Few Thoughts from Katie:

Why did I change the feeding plan?

Well, Sophie is showing excellent weight gain. We are looking for babies to gain about 150g or more each week in the first 3 months. Sophie gained 186g which shows that feeding is now getting on track.

I don’t want to take out all the top-up feeds in one go. I would prefer to gradually decrease them. This will give Lisa’s breasts a chance to increase their milk supply to catch up.

I haven’t taken the expressing after feeds out at this stage yet either as I want to make sure that Lisa continues to stimulate her milk supply for Sophie and that as we reduce the top up feeds there is still plenty of milk in the breast for Sophie to drink.

At 34 days old…


“Hi Lisa - I hope all is going well with you all. Take it easy.

I'm here if you need anything.



“Hi Katie - welcome back!

I hope you are feeling refreshed after your time away.

I had Sophie weighed again today and she has put on 192g in a week. We are on the right track now.

Hopefully now that we are settling I'll find some time to blog.

Speak soon.


A Few Thoughts from Lisa

Things seem to be getting back on track… fingers crossed! Here’s hoping everything will settle down into an easy feeding journey now.

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