Mum’s Journey: Our First New Year’s Eve with Coby

It’s New Year’s Eve! We are away at the beach and we’ve had Coby home for nearly 2 weeks now.

We are so lucky that we were able to bring him home for Christmas. Now we get to see the start of the New Year together.

We are slowly finding our feet as parents of two. It’s been an incredibly busy time of year to bring a newborn baby home...

A Magical Christmas Together

Bringing Coby home the week before Christmas was really exciting. We didn’t tell anybody that he was coming home that day (including our parents and Charlie.) This meant that we were able to then spend the day together as a family of three, even if was just for a few hours.

Coby Becomes an Instant Celebrity

Next, we went to pick up Charlie from school, where he got to see his younger brother for the first time. Coby was adored by the kids in Grade 1 – he was an instant celebrity!

I thought about putting the rain cover on the pram to protect him from prying eyes, but, I couldn’t… the kids were just so gorgeous! Needless to say that we, as parents, were also quite popular in the schoolyard that afternoon and Charlie was chuffed!

One great thing about a baby coming a little early and spending time in the nursery is the routine they come home with.

Coby Feeds Every 4 Hours and Doesn’t Wake Much in Between

This has meant it’s been relatively easy to plan visits, walks, and shopping trips. This has been a real help while adjusting to our new life!

We’ll try to keep this going as long as we can, but, watch this space… Despite having a newborn, we have still been out and about a lot. I have walked every day, visited Chadstone a couple of times and managed to go all of the usual Christmas catch-ups.

I Have Used My Medela Swing Maxi While on the Go

Having the Swing Maxi allows me to express in comfort, wherever I choose. This means that I’m not tied to pumping in places with a power point. It’s also still very quick and easy to use.

With Charlie, one time I had to express in a toilet. Nobody should ever have to do that!

Although Coby is now up to 3 breastfeeds per day, we still top up with expressed milk and thickener. He will need this for a while to help him keep the food in his little tummy.

At his MCHN visit the other day he was 2.8kg and 49cm. Not a bad size for being born at 37 weeks! We can’t wait to see where he is on his actual due date. Watch this space.

How has your breastfeeding journey been? Let’s have a chat and support each other here or on the Medela Australia Facebook page!