Mum’s Journey: Happy Chubba Bubba

Where have the last 7 months gone? Miss Sophie is a happy Chubba Bubba and loves munching on anything and everything and the moment. The drool factor is high as we eagerly await her first tooth. Anytime soon would be great...

Sophie has warmed up to solids and her tummy is starting to get used to the many new flavours it is being exposed to. She still enjoys her breastfeeds and even enjoys having a mid-feed chat, while looking around the room.

Night feeds – usually just the one – are still a part of our daily routine. Her feeds are now quick and I’m still grateful for the convenience of breastfeeding. I’m so glad that I stuck it out during those first few weeks. Now I’m reaping the rewards!

Sophie is sitting up well and loves giggling away with her big sister, Anna. My heart just explodes watching them play together. Giving Anna a sibling was the best thing that we ever did. The growth and development in the first year of life still astounds me!

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