Mum’s Journey: It’s Hard to Believe Coby Was Born Nearly Half-a-Year Ago!

After battling with silent reflux for the last few months and almost deciding to stop breastfeeding, we have turned a big corner. It seems as though the Bio Gaia probiotics and/or the dietary changes I made have helped...

As long as we are relaxed and in a quiet place, Coby feeds really well. It has made a big difference for both of us.

Getting the Right Gear

Having comfortable gear makes so much difference when it comes to feeding and expressing. Now that I can breastfeed while out again, my outfits are determined by what’s easy to feed in!

I recently tried the Medela Comfort Nursing Cami and Maternity bra. I love that they are both so soft underneath clothing and the Cami has a really nice shape to it.

I have worn it on its own as a singlet too. They shape works so well that I’ve forgotten to “do myself back up” after feeding and didn’t even notice.

Establishing Flexible Routines

Unfortunately, the colds that I described in my last blog post turned into infections for both of us. I ended up with a sinus infection and Coby got a chest infection.

Thankfully, I’m feeling much better, but, my poor bubba is still struggling.

Fingers crossed that the antibiotics kick in soon! In the meantime, I’m mindful to ensure he’s well hydrated and am flexible on our feeding routine just in case he’s little body needs some extra fluid at the moment.

Coby also has his first bout of gastro. The day before, I was meant to jump on a plane to go to Tassie with Stu, while he worked. Let’s just say we had to change Coby, myself, the sheets and play mat.

I couldn’t picture myself in a lovely hotel room for 3 days without access to a washing machine. So, Coby will have to wait for his first plane trip now! Luckily, it was a very short-lived bug that was gone in just a few hours.

With all this, my previously settled baby (apart from his reflux) has now become quite unsettled and needy. I struggle to put him down on the floor and we are into a bad habit of picking him up to resettle at night.

Once he’s better, I’m going to do my best to undo everything and encourage some self-settling and better sleep routines for everybody’s sake!

I plan to also try and take his dummy away. Ask me in a month how that’s all gone…

Mums Supporting Mums

Amongst all the illness and sleeplessness, I’ve found real value in connecting with other mums with bubbas. Given the age gap between my kids, I was fortunate to be able to join a new mothers group, which has been great.

Even though I’m not a first-time mum, my friends with older kids are past the stage of talking about poo explosions. They have also forgotten the challenges of breastfeeding and have a full night’s sleep most of the time.

It’s important for me to have a network to talk about this stuff with and let it out sometimes. Nobody understands trying to drink a coffee or eat lunch at a café jiggling or breastfeeding a baby in one arm and food or drink in the other. It’s not overly glamorous!

There is comfort and connection in spending time with others going through exactly the same things that you are.

We Topped Off a Busy Month with a Series of Events

I was lucky to attend a Medela event recently, where I connected with several other new mums and mums-to-be. As well as the general baby mum chat, we were lucky to hear from the CEO of Medela who also spoke on behalf of Life’s Little Treasures Foundation (LLTF) and the partnership between Medela and LLTF.

Both Medela and LLTF are there to get alongside families like ours who experience premature birth.

The CEO of St Kilda Mums also spoke about their partnership with Medela and the important work they do supporting Mums in need. The key message was that every journey is different. There is no right or wrong journey and #everyjourneymatters.

Suzie Blake showed some of her beautiful photography of regular breastfeeding mums and bubs from around the globe. Her photos haven’t been airbrushed as images often are of celebrities on magazine covers.

There was also a poster competition of student art designed to portray breastfeeding. My favourite was one I connected with given I feed Coby while lying in my bed at least a couple of times a day. It really is “The Pure Formula” for me in terms of the milk itself but also the formula of lying in bed to feed so that we’re both super relaxed.

Supporting mums is so important during this beautiful yet challenging time in life.

I also had my first Mother’s Day event as a mum of two. Coby, Charlie and I enjoyed sitting in the school hall, having breakfast. Then we took a family photo together. I can’t wait for Mother’s Day itself to come this weekend.

I’ve got several more months of maternity leave to go but I’m not wishing it away as this time. These experiences and connections have been so important for me this time around.

As the weather gets colder, I hope the sun keeps shining and I look forward to some beautiful walks in the crisp weather. Until next time… X

How would you describe your experience as a new mum? Let’s have a chat here or on the Medela Australia Facebook page!