Mum’s Journey: Introducing Anna, “The Not So Perfect Mum”

My name is Anna and I am The Not So Perfect Mum. I am a proud and tired mum of two “perfect” small humans - Dominic (aka small human) is 2 in 2 weeks and Reuben (aka Jnr Smalls) is 2 weeks old...

I started an online blog about a year ago to support mums in this crazy journey we call motherhood. I never thought it would grow so quickly and with such beautiful community of mamas. The blog is about my life and crazy family but it’s also an online community for mums to come and chat and to make sure we are all #unitedinmotherhood.

I have a fur baby named Hank who is a Cavoodle and I joke he is my firstborn. Oh, and the Baby Daddy’s and his name is Joseph (is it bad I mentioned the three kids first haha). Joseph is in commercial real estate and works insane hours, he is my best friend and an amazing dad to our boys.

So that’s enough about us...

Here’s a Little About the Arrival of Reuben

I was absolutely swimming in mixed emotions and thoughts the entire nine months.

Will he breastfeed as well as Dominic (18months of successful feeding)?

Will I be able to express and have some help with bottle feeding this time?

Will he sleep?

What will my labour be like?

Will Dominic love him?

Will I love him as much as I loved Dominic?


These were all very real and scary thoughts… but, they were also VERY normal thoughts for any expecting mother.

I am an organised person, so, I spent the time leading up to his birth really getting prepared. I organized frozen meals for the family, spent as much time with Dominic as possible, cleaned and prepared the house for the whirlwind that was about to hit.

Let me tell you… I thank myself for doing it, but, it still is an absolute madhouse and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

So, this is me in a brief few words! I will be sharing my journey with you all over the next six months and look forward to any questions or comments you may have.

What are you most excited about for the “newborn” phase this time around?

The CUDDLES, all the cuddles.

What are you dreading for the “newborn” phase this time around?

Um, the unknown. Not knowing what I am going to get. Dominic was a pretty cruisey Baby so was I in for a shock and a baby that was opposite to Dominic.

How have you been preparing Dominic for the birth of a new sibling? Do you think he will take the transition well?

Yes, I’ve been doing lots of preparation!

From the moment we found out that we were pregnant, we have been reading books, talking about, explaining the process and going to doctor’s appointments. We even have a baby doll that he can practice feeding on.

My only concern was how he would deal with me breastfeeding Reuben. Dominic was a boobie addict and we only stopped feeding when I was 3-months pregnant.

What has been a piece of advice you wish you had received or something you wish you knew with your first?

To take it all in and not to wish it away! I was always in a rush with Dominic to get to the next milestone. Throughout my pregnancy and his first year of life. This time around I am taking it so slowly and just loving my newborn bubble.

How would you describe your own breastfeeding journey? Let’s have a chat here or on the Medela Australia Facebook page.