Mum’s Journey: Introducing Georgina and Her Family

Hello, I’m Georgina of Wool and Willow, a 2nd time round Mumma to our gorgeous little boy, Andrew. I also have a daughter Christie who is almost four years old now...

Pregnancy: The Miracle of Growing a Human Inside of Our Bodies

In the beginning, my pregnancy was hard, like any pregnancy. Even though I didn't have that “stuck in the toilet all-day phase,” I did go through almost four months of constantly feeling nauseous 24/7, which lead to eating/nibbling on food every 2 hours.

The 2nd trimester was so good this time around. I regained my energy and the nauseous feeling went away.

By the 3rd trimester, everything got harder; I had back pain, leg cramps and acid reflux pretty much every day… even just by having a glass of water!

The last three weeks had taken a toll on me as I couldn't do much and I was always super tired. I'm glad I have family members who were understanding and helped out so much with the housework along with looking after Christie too.

Let’s just say I’m glad it’s all over and bub is safe and sound in our arms. Pregnancy can have its ups and downs, but, it’s still a miracle that I grew a human being inside of me.

You’ve Got to Love That Newborn Smell

I love everything about the newborn phase (ok, maybe not the sleepless nights - but it’s all worth it in the end!)

I love all the newborn snuggles, the sleep facial expressions and let’s not forget that newborn smell. Also, as this is my 2nd baby, it’s such a precious time to share with Christie too!

Breastfeeding Advice I Wish I Knew With My First Baby

I wish I had known that the more you breastfeed or express, the more your milk supply will increase. I also would have loved to have known about the importance of keeping your water and diet sufficient.

Finally, I wish someone had told me about “lactation cookies” and that expressing could be made easy and possible with a variety of products.

My Milk Supply Has Been Amazing This Time

I didn’t use Medela products (other than the breast pads) while I had Christie. Since then, I heard so many amazing things about Medela’s products. The fact that they have easy ways to express milk with their pumps and accessories makes things so much easier!

Since giving birth to Andrew, I’ve been using a range of Medela products. I absolutely love the tank top; it’s so comfy!

I can express from both breasts at the same time with the Medela Freestyle Breast pump. This has been amazing for me.

This time around, my milk supply has been amazing, which is a very different experience than when I had Christie.

How would you describe your breastfeeding journey? What have been the best (and most challenging) things about being a new mum? Let’s have a chat here or on the Medela Australia Facebook page!