Mum’s Journey: Introducing Kim, an Amazing Medela Mum

I am writing this from the Special Care Nursery, while I have a “kangaroo cuddle” with my little boy, Cody, who decided to arrive 8-weeks early...

This is Not My First Experience in the Special Care Nursery

I’ve been here before when my first son, Charlie, arrived at 29 weeks. Charlie’s early birth was a huge shock and there were so many complications to deal with, especially for a first-time parent.

We spent 8 weeks travelling in and out of hospital to see him, waiting on various test and scan results. During that time – and until he was 12 months old – I was able to breastfeed him. It started with 1ml at a time, through a tube. This progressed to a mixture of breast and bottle.

I’m so lucky that, despite an early and traumatic birth, I had an abundance of milk supply. I found expressing so quick and easy and using the bottle gave Stu (my hubby) special time with his son.

Charlie is now a happy, healthy 7-year-old playing footy, basketball, tennis, soccer and more.

Another Surprise!

Despite my history, Coby’s early arrival was still a surprise, given my 2nd seamless pregnancy.

I did, however, know what to look for this time! So, when I rang my obstetrician, Joe, I packed my own bag this time – I only took a handbag the last time and my husband had to pack my hospital bag with the help of girlfriends!

As we drove, both Stu and I knew that our baby was possibly going to come early. After two days of pre-labour, Coby arrived and went straight to the nursery where I’m sitting with him right now. He was born at 32 weeks, 3 days at 2.2kg. I was pleasantly surprised at his good size, despite his early arrival. His brother was only 1.6kg.

I’ve been really lucky again with my milk supply and expressing every 3 hours has led to a nice stock pile of milk for Coby.

We are so grateful for so many things this time around. At the same time, I won’t pretend that it’s still not an emotional roller coaster! It’s all very raw and hard work, especially with another child at home.

Anybody who’s had to leave their baby in hospital, even for one night, has endured one of the hardest things a parent ever has to do.

The Future Looks Bright

My focus, right now, is getting Coby strong enough to feed entirely with either the bottle or the breast so we can have his tube taken out.

Once his tube is out and he continues to feed well, we can take him home. Charlie has said having Coby home will be the best Christmas present of his life so we are determined to give him that this year.

What questions do you have about breastfeeding? How would you describe your breastfeeding experience so far? Let’s have a chat here or on the Medela Australia Facebook page!