Mum’s Journey: A New Family Member, Andrew, and His Older Sister Christie

Throughout my pregnancy, we have been speaking to our first born, Christie, about what’s happening. We explained how my tummy will be growing and how she will soon have a baby brother. We explained to her the process of when it’s time to have the baby, what’s going to happen, what her role will be and where she will be when it all happens...

We explained it to her in a way that she would understand the situation and feel safe as she has never spent a day or night away from me other than a couple of hours every so often.

Siblings Gifting Each Other

Another thing we did was to go shopping so that she could choose a present to gift to her baby brother when she came to see him at the hospital.

We also went out and bought her a present so she could receive from her brother once we returned home. We bought her a toy baby with a bathtub and accessories so she could "imitate" what we would be doing with her brother too.

Continue the Older Sibling’s Routine

So far, she has transitioned amazingly! It has been as if her baby brother was always a part of the family. She uses her doll to change its nappy, give it his bath and even feed him his milk just like we do with her brother.

We also tried not to change her routine or how we reacted around her and kept things as they were before as much as we could.

Entertaining Christie While Breastfeeding Andrew

Christie is almost four years-old-now and understands a lot when we explain to her. She has also been very good from a young age to play and entertain herself which is helpful at the moment with a newborn.

Explanation is the Key

While breastfeeding is something she hasn't seen before, we went through the process with her, explaining that’s what her baby brother eats and it’s his milk, just like she drinks her milk from her cup. She has been a gem so far and has understood everything.

I also created a feeding area in bubs room so I can feed him in there and Christie can join us while playing on the floor with toys.

How did you introduce your other kids to breastfeeding your new baby? How would you describe your breastfeeding experience so far? Let’s have a chat here or on the Medela Australia Facebook page!