Mum’s Journey: Nursing Comfort and My Awesome New Medela Tank

“Nursing comfort”… is that even a thing?

Well, I can tell you that it most definitely is! I have quite a big bust. In fact, I'd say it is an enormously uncomfortable 12F. Now, I have found something that makes feeding my baby incredibly comfortable and easy...

Breastfeeding Isn’t Always Easy!

Breastfeeding can be so painful if it's not done right. Incorrect latching can lead to sore and grazed nipples, breast engorgement, plugged milk ducts, mastitis and thrush.

Would you believe that even the bra that you wear can contribute to some of these issues? As convenient as breastfeeding is, it's not always easy, especially when we face these kinds of problems.

I’ve Been Wearing the Medela Maternity and Nursing Tank for a Few Months Now

It has a full cup drop, so, there is no pressure on the breast or awkward small gaps to try and feed through. This tank is incredibly comfortable, offers great support, provides easy access and... wait for it... is TUMMY SLIMMING!

It is literally the royalty of all the breastfeeding tanks that I have ever tried. The second I put it on I fell in love!

It's the kind of tank you can zip to the shops in, do the school drop off and pick up and laze around on the couch with.

Most importantly for me, it's the best to sleep in! It’s so quick and easy to use for those middle of the night feeds.

I Started Wearing the Nursing Tank Right After I Had Bobby

I felt safe in it (cesarean section mama's will understand what I mean). It’s firm but stretchy. It was exactly what I needed to hold in my tummy after my c-section.

Not All Bras Are Created Equal

One mistake I made in the past with breastfeeding was wearing an underwire bra. I found by wearing an underwire bra I ended up with an unusual pain along the bottom of both of my breasts. I even started to get plugged milk ducts which lead to the beginning of mastitis.

For those mama's or mama's-to-be that are unsure of what mastitis is, it is a painful infection of the breast tissue.

Possible causes of mastitis are blocked milk ducts or bacteria that enter the breast. Mastitis usually occurs within the first three months of breastfeeding.

I Really Struggle with What to Wear While Breastfeeding

I mean, who knows when bub wants or needs a feed? I'm constantly wondering how I'm going to get my boobies out for a successful feed!

I usually end up wearing layers upon layers so that, when I lift my top to feed Bobby, I don't have my mum tum out for the world to see.

Wearing my Medela tank makes me feel so much more comfortable and confident with feeding in public. It has great support and makes feeding discrete. Plus, I can tuck it into my jeans and my mum tum stays hidden!

I've Been Lucky Enough to Breastfed All Four of My Sons

I feel like my personal breastfeeding knowledge has improved immensely with each one of my boys. With each child, I have grown as a mother and as a woman. I've learned little tricks and been given little tips, from clothing to positioning when feeding to products. I am loving every bit of it!

I love trying new things, exploring new techniques and getting advice from mums from different generations. One thing that makes me really feel like a super mum is when people compliment me on breastfeeding Bobby.

Whether I am pushing the pram, doing the groceries or enjoying a lunch date with my husband, there is always someone who smiles or someone who has something lovely to say. It honestly makes the world of difference. It even makes the hard days worth it.

What breastfeeding accessories could you not live without? What breastfeeding advice do you have for the new mums in our community? Let’s have a chat here or on the Medela Australia Facebook page.