Mum’s Journey: Time is Disappearing…

Jeepers… almost 5 months have passed and I have no idea where the time has gone! Sophie and Anna are just gorgeous to watch. Sophie is constantly smiling and giggling at Anna and Anna is in awe of all of Sophie’s daily habits...

Anna is definitely used to us sitting down for feed time now and is much better at preoccupying herself.

We still have some feeds where she likes to come and snuggle next to us. It is, however, more difficult to have her so close as Sophie becomes distracted and nearly rips off my nipple as she whips her head up to smile at Anna.

Anna has queried about Sophie drinking from a bottle or having food like us as Sophie is now taking much more interest in our eating habits. Sophie’s big goggle eyes follow the fork to mouth motion and I’m thinking it might be time to add solids into the mix. I have been waiting for signs and I am admittedly a little reluctant as it is just another extra to add to the “to do” list.

The bottle, on the other hand, hasn’t been much of a success of late. The little minx is refusing it.

We have worked out that she likes her milk at the perfect temperature and if it isn’t by golly she lets us know!

Anna was so excited at the thought of helping with her feed by way of the bottle but quickly became disappointed as she screamed at it. We are giving it a little rest but will try her on it again soon… in the meantime, this Mumma needs a night out!

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