Winter Germs Make for Fussy Babies

This week, I was very stressed out! Sophie wouldn’t feed, either from me directly or from a bottle of expressed breast milk...

Sophie had been refusing to eat for 8 hours and I had tried everything. I even tried syringing milk into her with no result.

I am unsure what to do. I called Katie and made a doctor’s appointment. Katie affirmed my decision to get Sophie to the doctor.

We had all been under the weather with a winter virus. Now, with Anna in 3-year-old kindergarten, we have been on a merry-go-round of illness… just without being so merry.

The doctor asked to view a feed, but, as soon as I offer Sophie the breast, the screaming started up. The doctor recommended a trip to the emergency since the little ones can become dehydrated so quickly.

I arranged for Anna to be minded by my sister and headed to the hospital. I was very worried. The hospital staff were wonderful and kept us in for many hours to observe Sophie, especially since she had developed a rash. They confirmed that she had a viral infection, which was most likely the reason she was refusing to feed.

12 hours passed and she finally took to the breast. It wasn’t a huge feed but I was thankful she took to the breast again!

Sophie started to improve and, 2 hours later, she took the other side. The hospital staff were then happy to let us go home as long as we visited the hospital’s pediatric clinic for the next couple of days.

I am usually very reluctant to go down the “doctor” path as I don’t want to be taking up their time when others may be needier. However, now I know that if a baby as young as Sophie (15-weeks) isn’t feeding at all then something is definitely NOT OK. In these situations, a check-up is essential to make sure there is nothing else going on.

The virus has run its course now and made her more congested at night. She is now struggling with a little cough. Fortunately, she is continuing to feed, even if it’s not so easy for her.

Sophie breastfed furiously in the days after her bout of no feeds! She knew how to re-establish my milk supply.

So, it was back to lots of night waking and regular feeds… but, when your bubs is sick, you don’t mind as you just want them back to full health.

Now, we just want to stay as well as possible. We are definitely looking forward to spring!

If you’re interested in what my Lactation Consultant, Katie, had to say, you can read her comments and suggestions here. I hope that you find them helpful!

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