Finding a lactation consultant

Breastfeeding is the best nutritional option for your baby, but it does not always come naturally to everyone and you might encounter some challenges. Be prepared and make sure you know where you can find help from a lactation consultant if you need it.
Mum breastfeeding her baby with lactation consultant

Getting breastfeeding support

It is normal to feel a bit nervous when breastfeeding for the first time. If you have questions or challenges regarding breastfeeding, it is important to seek information and help from a trained lactation consultant as soon as possible. Do not wait days or even weeks before reaching out for help.

Try to find a lactation consultant or a doctor, nurse, dietician or midwife who is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). These trained lactation consultants are extremely skilled at providing breastfeeding support. They understand the experiences a new mum might be going through and can help with all kinds of practical breastfeeding issues. They can also help you build your breastfeeding confidence and keep your own experience and your needs in perspective.

Your hospital can usually help you find a lactation consultant. Simply phone the hospital and ask for the breastfeeding clinic. If you have taken antenatal classes, ask your course leader to provide you with a list of lactation consultants or lactation support groups in your area. It is better to have this information at hand before you encounter any challenges!


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