How to find the right soother for your baby? Try our Soother Selector!

At Medela Baby we know that every baby has different needs. That’s why we offer a large range of soothers so you can find the one that’s exactly right for your little one. 

To learn more about how to choose a soother, fill out our two-minute questionnaire, and get our soother recommendation for your baby. 


Before you begin, here are a few features common to all types of Medela Baby soothers: 
  • Lightweight and with gentle-to-the-skin SensoPearls™ which enhance the airflow between your baby’s skin and the soother shield
  • Orthodontic and ergonomic shape, designed to help support the natural movement of mouth muscles thanks to the teat shape
  • Made in Switzerland by industry experts with over 85 years of experience 
  • Made without BPA and BPS – we only use the safest materials for your baby 
So nothing comes between you and your baby – but love.
Our recommendation for your little one:


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