Medela Flex™ breast pump family media release


Medela’s new Flex™ breast pump family makes expressing more personal for Australian mums’


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Breasts come in all shapes and sizes and they’re as unique as the personalities, opinions and lives of women themselves.

That’s why Australia’s hospital breast pump innovator, Medela, has launched three of its most-advanced personal-use pumps yet as part of the new Medela Flex™ technology range, which adapts to fit every mum’s personal breast shape and lifestyle needs.

Developed and clinically tested with a team of research scientists and breastfeeding mums, the new breast pump family helps mums produce up to 11 per cent more breast milk, more comfortably. (1)

It includes Medela’s Swing Flex™ single pump at $289.95, the Swing Maxi Flex™ double pump at $399.95, joining Medela’s most-advanced double pump, the Freestyle Flex™ at $549.95.

Each pump has Medela’s new scientifically designed PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield, with a soft, adjustable rim and closed-circuit overflow protection.

The technology enables mums to adjust the shield to their own natural breast shape to find the perfect pumping position and moves on from the non-existent, ‘perfect’ round shield that’s been around for decades.

Medela’s Medical Research Department tested the technology with more 1,000 pumping sessions with mums, showing it was more comfortable, and delivered better milk flow. (1)

The Medela Flex™ technology range is now available from major pharmacies and retail outlets including Baby Bunting and Chemist Warehouse.

The advanced breast pumps come as a recent Medela survey found a portion of Australian mums still experienced challenges with breastfeeding and breast pumping including (2):

  • Half of mums surveyed said they felt ‘confused and overwhelmed’ during their breastfeeding journey.
  • More than half who used a breast pump said they ‘felt frustrated with the time it takes to pump’, one third had problems ‘not expressing from every milk duct’ and almost one in five said they had problems ‘fitting the pump completely over their breast’.
  • Around 40 per cent were ‘unsure if they were producing enough milk’.

Medela Marketing Manager Margarita Magdalinos said experiencing her own challenges with breastfeeding inspired her to work with Medela to help share her journey – and support breastfeeding mums right across Australia.

“When I first became a mum a few moons ago now, I struggled with breastfeeding,” Margarita said. “It was an emotional and stressful experience – and something I thought would come naturally to me, but like so many other women, it didn’t. And at the time, I felt completely alone.”

“The quality of the technology, awareness and acceptability about pumping was far less than it is today.

“It’s why I’m so proud to celebrate how far we’ve come in all these areas - and why I’m so passionate about working with Medela, a brand trusted by so many mums and healthcare professionals and leading the way in support and expressing technology.

“And I’m especially proud to launch the new Medela Flex™ technology range, shaped to fit every mums’ natural breast shape, and share a different pump to suit every personal mums’ lifestyle and financial needs.”

The Swing Flex™ is a single electric breast pump with 2-Phase Expression® technology for quick, efficient expression whenever you need it. It’s smaller and more compact, and ideal for breastfeeding mums who want to share feeding with a partner, get out for an appointment, or simply take a break. It retails for $289.95.

The Swing Maxi Flex™ is for mums who need that extra bottle in half the time. This portable double electric breast pump with 2-Phase Expression® technology helps you maintain your supply, need help coping with issues affecting your breastfeeding, or simply giving you more time with your baby and less time pumping. It retails for $399.95.

The Medela Freestyle Flex™ is also a double breast pump that halves the time required to express breast milk while providing a more comfortable experience (1). Launched late last year, the Freestyle Flex™ is compact, lightweight, quiet and USB-rechargeable so mums can express anywhere, anytime. Mums can also track every pumping session by connecting to the MyMedela app. It retails for $549.95.

To help all breastfeeding mums, Medela also has a free online community of more than 12,000 mums called ‘The Mums Room’ where mums can access information and support – like having a breastfeeding expert on call 24 hours a day.

Medela is also inviting mums to share their unique breastfeeding journey via social media as part of Medela’s ‘#PumpedforLife’ campaign, as well as @medela_au.

Media contact: Katie Martel, Croft PR, +61 413 780 545,


Where is Medela available in Australia?

Medela products are present in most hospitals across Australia and New Zealand, as well as in-store and online at national retailers like Baby Bunting, Coles, Target, Chemist Warehouse and many specialty baby stores. 

Medela products are also available at, and from Amazon, E-Pharmacy, and Nursing Angel. 

About Medela Australia:

Medela was founded in 1961 by Ollie Larsson and headquartered in Switzerland.  Medela today is led by his son Michael Larsson.

Medela has actively been supporting Australian mothers, babies, and their families in Australia for more than 19 years through its distributing partners.

Medela opened its Australian office in Melbourne in October 2009.  Now, more than ten years on, it employs more than 33 people across Australia.

Medela provides breastfeeding mums, families and communities with leading breastfeeding products, expert insights, and ongoing research and education to support the breastfeeding journey. 

Medela exists to enhance mother and baby health through the life-giving benefits of human milk. Medela has actively been supporting Australian mothers, babies, and their families in Australia for more than 18 years.


(1) Clinical studies by Medela’s Medical Research Department Research of PersonalFit Flex, as compared to PersonalFit data on file (NCT02496429, NCT02492139, NCT02719548, NCT03091985).

(2)  Medela Australia Breastfeeding and Breast Pumping Snapshot, conducted August 2019 surveying 300 Australians