Keep Cool™ Breathable Maternity & Nursing Bra

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This maternity and nursing bra has two integrated breathing zones to keep you feeling cool and new quick dry technology to help balance your body temperature while offering you support and comfort. 

Our 4-way Adaptive  Stretch™ technology will see your bra grow with you and extend from pregnancy through nursing – keeping you cool and dry throughout your journey despite your fluctuating body temperature. 

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The Medela Keep Cool™ Breathable Maternity & Nursing Bra will help keep you feeling cool and fresh while giving you gentle support throughout your pregnancy and nursing journey. 

  • Quick dry technology, unique breathing zones and temperature control to help keep you cool and dry 

  • Soft touch Adaptive Stretch™ technology for a perfect fit that grows with your changing body 

  • Gentle to moderate support to keep you feeling comfortable  

  • Easy adjustable straps to help you get the perfect fit 

  • Full drop down for maximum skin to skin contact to help you bond with your baby 

  • Available in black, white and chai* and in sizes S - XL for great support & a perfect fit

*Colours available may vary and are subject to change 

This wireless & seamless bra is soft to the skin and provides a light-weight feel to one of the most sensitive parts of your body. 

It also uses unique breathing zones, quick dry technology and temperature control to help keep you cool and dry, while the  soft touch Adaptive Stretch™ technology ensures a perfect fit that grows with your changing body. 

Made from 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex 

Machine wash hot up to 60°C

Gentle cycle only 

Non-chlorine bleach if needed  

Hang to dry, do not iron, do not dry clean 

Wash before wearing 

Wash with like colours 

Meet the Keep Cool™ range of bras from Medela

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How to measure nursing bra size 
The first step to find the right bra is getting accurate bust measurements, which can be done easily in the comfort of your home, best with a soft tape measure.
Every woman is unique and this calculation is the first and most important step.  

We have 5 easy steps for you to measure yourself: 

  • Measure around your bust, measure around your under bust 
  • Subtract your under bust measurement from your bust measurement
  • Use our table to find your cup size
  • Find your band width according to your under bust measurement 
  • Use our size chart to find your correct size by combining cup size with band width

Check out our new video how to choose the correct size of your next Medela bra.  

  • 1 x Keep Cool™ bra 

How is a maternity bra different to an everyday bra? 

A maternity bra will adapt to your changing body to give you extra comfort during the delicate time of pregnancy and nursing - when you need it most. Medela Maternity & Nursing Bras are wireless and seamless to be as comfortable as possible to the delicate skin of a pregnant and nursing mum.  They also include clips for full drop down cups - making nursing more practical, and are wireless so as not to compress your growing breasts. 

When should I start wearing maternity bras? 

We recommend you start wearing a maternity and nursing bra during pregnancy. Many women experience breast changes in early pregnancy – in fact, it’s often the first sign you’re pregnant. Surging hormones and a shift in breast structure mean your nipples and breasts may feel sensitive from as early as three or four weeks. Some mums-to-be have  tender breasts during pregnancy right up until the birth, but for most it subsides after the first trimester which is often a good time to switch to a maternity bra. During this period in fact, your regular bra can get uncomfortable and you will need to look for a bra that is soft to the skin and can adapt as your breast grows.  Our maternity & nursing bras are made of Adaptive Stretch™ material that grows with your changing body from pregnancy through nursing. Use our size chart to find the right size of your next nursing bra. 

How long I should wear a maternity and nursing bra? 

There is no time limit to how long you can wear a maternity and nursing bra. Medela Nursing Bra feature Adaptive Stretch™ which makes them comfortable and supportive throughout your journey from pregnancy till nursing. Many mums have told us that they get so used to the comfort of our bras, they don’t want to let them go – so don’t be surprised when you grow to love them! 

When should I check my maternity bra size? 

During the 2nd trimester you may notice that your breasts are growing and you may get uncomfortable in your regular bra. We recommend as soon as you are experiencing this you move to a wireless and seamless maternity & nursing bra. All our bras feature Adaptive Stretch™ material that grows with your changing body from pregnancy through nursing.  

How many nursing bras should I need? 

You should keep in mind that a nursing bra might need to be washed frequently so we recommend you have enough to wash and wear in exchange. We have a wide offering of bras to fit different needs. Check out our Keep Cool™ Sleep Bra with no hooks and eyes, plus a crossover nursing feature. If you need more support during the day, you might find that the Keep Cool™ Breathable Maternity & Nursing Bra will offer you that gentle support. If you want to have extra support you can opt for our Keep Cool™ Ultra Breathable Maternity & Nursing Bra. 

Are these nursing bras comfortable enough to sleep in? 

You can wear a nursing bra to bed as long as it is comfortable for you. During pregnancy and nursing the breast grows and you might want to have a little support even when sleeping. Our Keep Cool™ Sleep Bra is designed with minimal seams and no hooks, so nothing disturbs your skin while you sleep. It has a crossover function to allow for easy access for nursing during the night. Another benefit to wearing a bra for sleep is that you can also wear breast pads to avoid any leakage marks on your clothes.  

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