Ultra Soft nursing top

This great tummy slimming nursing top is made from soft, breathable cotton fabric. Its design is wire-free and seam-free for maximum comfort.

The nursing top for convenient and discreet nursing

Specially designed nursing tops allow you to nurse your baby conveniently and discreetly wherever you go.  Medela’s Ultra Soft nursing top comes in a great length that allows you layering over clothing as well as multiple use for an active lifestyle.


Benefits of Ultra Soft nursing top

The Ultra Soft nursing top combines ultimate comfort with great tummy slimming styling. It is made from soft, breathable cotton fabric and features a wire-free and seam-free design. With its one-handed proprietary easy “open-and-close” clip will make the process very easy for mums.

  • Tummy slimming styling
  • Long length for active lifestyle
  • Easy access for nursing on the go
  • Wire-free and seam-free for maximum comfort

All women are different and Medela embraces this diversity. In case you cannot find your size outlined on our size chart, we advise you to try the closest Medela size to your measurement.

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