NIGHT & NIGHT soother

NIGHT & NIGHT soother

The perfect bedtime companion. A NIGHT soother, which glows in the dark. Orthodontic, with gentle-on-skin SensoPearls™.
Lightweight and ergonomic.

0-6 months
6–18 months
18+ months
Night & Night Hedgehog Duo
Night & Night pacifiers Fox
Night & Night pacifiers - Night Owl
Night & Night Hedgehog Duo
Night & Night pacifiers Fox
Night & Night pacifiers - Night Owl
Night & Night Hedgehog Duo
Night & Night pacifiers Fox
Night & Night pacifiers - Night Owl

What makes this product so different?

At Medela Baby we know soothers can comfort your little one at bedtime. Our NIGHT soother, which is orthodontic and loved by nine out of ten babies,1 is especially designed to be the perfect sleep companion. With its good sized vent holes and ergonomic shield, your baby can breathe with ease. The Night pacifier has also a glow-in-the-dark knob that allows you and your little one to find it in the dark. Without a ring, your baby’s sleep is not disturbed when moving at night.

So nothing comes between you two – but love.

Night & Night Mother Kissing Sleeping Baby




Developed with experts and made with love in Switzerland


  • Allows baby’s skin to breathe for a more gentle feel on the skin
  • Lightweight


Flat, lightweight, flexible, symmetrical teat with thin shaft



Easy to find in the dark


9 out of 10 babies love it


  • Lightweight, designed for night time use.
  • Less distraction during nap-time


Reduce the risk of redness and skin irritation for a gentler feel on the skin


  • Easy, natural breathing
  • Smelling mum's comforting scent
  • Lightweight


For hygenic and safe transportation

Made without BPA and BPS

Safe for your baby

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Is it true that pacifiers reduce the risk of SIDS?

There is evidence that offering the pacifier at all sleep times can offer some protection against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Breastfed babies also have a reduced risk of SIDS.2,3

How a pacifier can reduce the risk of SIDS is still unclear. If the pacifier falls out of the mouth during sleep, you do not need to reinsert it.3 If your baby refuses the pacifier, do not force them to take it.3

Two additional measures that can help reduce the risk of SIDS are to lay babies on their back to fall asleep and to avoid putting pillows or stuffed toys in a baby’s bed to prevent smothering or suffocation.3

How does the glow-in-the-dark pacifier work?

The front knob of the pacifier contains a non-toxic fluorescent material that glows in the dark. It helps you and your little one to easily find the pacifier in the dark when they need comforting.

Place the pacifier for 3 minutes under a lamp or in a sunlit room to recharge it, but not in direct sunlight. The glow-in-the-dark effect should last approximately 8 hours, to reassure your little one through the night.

Is the NIGHT pacifier safe for my baby?

Yes, the NIGHT pacifier is safe for your little one. The knob contains a non-toxic fluorescent material allowing it to glow in the dark.

Why do some pacifiers have a ring while others don’t?

Pacifiers with a ring are easier for parents and babies to hold onto and handy to use during the day.

Pacifiers without a ring are suitable for newborns and for falling asleep at any age. In these cases, a ring would probably be bothersome, for instance, if it is flipped up and pressing on your baby’s nose. Not having a ring also avoids the pacifier from being pulled out of the mouth while actively moving during sleep or due to uncontrolled arm movement.

Can the ink used for printed pacifiers become a danger?

No, Medela Baby only uses food-safe inks that are completely harmless for babies, even if they would happen to scrape them off with their teeth.

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