Observing Natural Behavior

We understand the needs of moms and babies, patients, and the professionals who dedicate themselves to their care. By gaining deep insight of natural behavior, we develop forward-thinking innovation to nurture life for generations.



Innovating Technology for Better Patient Care

By observing different types of wounds and the unique healing process that they may require, Medela designed Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) devices with Intelligent Pressure Control and Dynamic Exudate Removal; innovative technologies to accommodate each wound’s particular needs through the healing process.

Developing Products that Work Smarter

By observing thousands of breastfeeding mothers using 3D anatomic scans of lactating breasts, Medela created our PersonalFit FLEX™ and PersonalFit™ PLUS Breast Shields with a 105° angle and unique oval shape to provide moms with increased comfort, reduced pressure on the breast, and optimized milk flow resulting in 11.8% more milk faster when double pumping.



Supporting Mom & Baby Bonding

By understanding the importance of skin-to-skin contact and its direct impact on mother-baby bonding and breast milk initiation, Medela developed a unique cut-out shape design for our Contact Nipple Shield to encourage more skin contact and support a strong sensory connection between mom and baby.

Danielle Prime, Human Milk Research Principal Specialist, PhD "Collecting a database of 3D breast scans from everyday, diverse, lactating moms allowed me to observe how to adapt and evolve the standard breast shield shape for our PersonalFit Flex Breast Shields to allow women the best milk yields possible."