Accessories and Disposables for Thopaz and Thopaz+ Systems Local contact

Accessories and Disposables for Thopaz and Thopaz+ Systems

Thopaz and Thopaz+ set new standards in chest drainage management in terms of mobility, objective digital data and ease of use.

From 1st January 2019, please direct your Thopaz orders and product inquiries directly to Reid Healthcare, a Division of Device Technologies at the following details:

Phone: 1300 173 364
Fax: 1300 168 502


Thopaz/ Thopaz+ Disposables

Disposable Canisters

  • Available in 300ml, 800ml and 2-litres capacities to optimise drainage therapy and reduce the amount of waste.
  • All three sizes are available with or without solidifier, providing a hygienic and cost-effective option for disposing of patient fluid.


  • The dual-lumen tubing provides continuous monitoring of pressure close to the patient's chest.
  • Every five minutes, the tubing is flushed with a small amount of air, to prevent clogging and to guarantee uninterrupted  treatment.
  • Two types of connectors are available (single or double) in small, medium or large sizes to accommodate preferred chest tubes.
  • All Thopaz/Thopaz+ tubing connectors contain a port for convenient sampling of drainage fluid.

Thopaz/ Thopaz+ Accessories

Docking Station

  • The docking station can be placed on a level surface or clamped to a standard rail or IV pole.

Adapter Docking Station for Canister 2 Litre

  • To secure the 2l canister in place.

Holder with Standard Rail

  • For the easy attachment of Thopaz/ Thopaz+ to rails, beds or IV poles. Can be fixed vertically or horizontally.

Universal Holder with Flexible Standard Rail

  • For the easy attachment of Thopaz/Thopaz+ to rails, beds or IV poles.
  • Infinitely variable adjustment of the inclination of the rail (360°).

Carrying strap

  • For carrying the Thopaz/Thopaz+.
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