Thopaz+ Digital Chest Drainage System

The next generation digital chest drainage system Thopaz+ allows healthcare professionals to make accurate decisions based on the precise monitoring of air leaks and pressure while directly measuring fluid drainage.

Intelligent therapy. Optimised care

With Thopaz+, Medela offers the next generation of digital chest drainage systems. Post-operative air leaks and intrapleural pressure are precisely monitored while fluid drainage is directly measured. This reduces the patient’s length of stay in hospital and helps to control hospital costs (see references).

In close collaboration with medical experts and based on thorough research, Medela continues to set standards in digital chest drainage systems. 


Benefits of Thopaz+

Thopaz+ offers a progressive, innovative therapy that allows healthcare professionals to monitor air leaks and collected fluid objectively, helping them to make timely, objective decisions in chest drain management.

  • Objective data and precision on key indicators.
  • Uninterrupted suction from OR to ICU to ward until chest drain removal.
  • Reduces patient length of stay in hospital and helps to control costs.
  • Ease of use for nurses and hospital staff.
  • Improved patient comfort.
  • Reduces impact on the environment and reduces costs of hazardous waste disposal.

The colour display provides digital data on air leaks and drained fluid. Data is available in real time as well as in 72-hour trends.

The innovative digital fluid measurement is based on fluid level determination. This allows for substance-independent (serous fluid, blood, pus etc.) fluid level measurement. The sensors are not in contact with the fluid measured, thus reducing the risk of contamination to a minimum.

The lightweight, compact design and rechargeable battery of the mobile chest drainage pump promote patient mobility. Quiet operation and an automatic dimming display further increase patient satisfaction.

Guided notification and alarm management facilitate on-site troubleshooting.

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