Finding Breastfeeding Support in Online Communities

Social media has made connecting with other mums easier than ever before. In fact, recent Medela research has revealed that 70% of mums use online breastfeeding support communities, groups and apps.

For example, the MyMedela app helps mums to track their baby’s key activities, while providing breastfeeding tips and access to the best nursing products...

In a recent article, Maraya shared her experience with social media and how it has changed between her two pregnancies.

She said, “My friend added me to our local Facebook mums group. Everything changed. Suddenly, I was in contact with 2,000 mums. They knew what it was like trying to settle a crying baby.

Many of them were up late at night and desperate for a chat during one of those long feeds. It had been so long since I had a baby and I felt like I had forgotten so much.

This group of mums willingly answers all of my questions. They shared advice and anecdotes so that I never felt alone.

Even if you haven’t showered or left the house in three days, because, the baby has gastro, there are other mums to talk to. They keep you sane!”

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How would you describe your breastfeeding journey? Let's have a chat and support each other.