The Emotional Side of Weaning: How to Deal with Feelings of Loss at the End of Breastfeeding

Have you just have had your last feed with your baby? If so, you may now be feeling quite nostalgic and maybe even a little sad. You have done an amazing job breastfeeding your baby.

No, matter how long or short, every drop of breast milk that you gave to your baby is fantastic and you should be so proud of yourself...

Mums Rock!

Not all mums make it to their intended milestone with breastfeeding as problems may have cropped up along the way. At the same time, it is really important to remember you gave your baby the best start and you are still providing for your baby with all your love no matter how your baby is feeding.

Mums rock!

Don’t Feel Bad About Your Feelings

For some mums that last breastfeed can be tinged with sadness, feelings of what you had and feelings of what you will miss. It is important to remember that anything we have loved doing can make us sad to say goodbye to. This is totally normal.

Take with you those memories of gazing at your baby’s beautiful face and watching them slip into sleepy land as they fed on you. Those precious memories are yours forever to cherish.

It’s normal to feel sad that you have stopped breastfeeding for a while. After all, this was a shared moment in time where you will have bonded with your baby.

It can feel both heartbreaking and exciting that your baby is growing up and you are experiencing new phases in their life. Remember your memories will never be forgotten. On the contrary, your love and shared moments together will just grow and grow.

You Don’t Need to Feel Sad or Alone

If you feel the sadness is overwhelming or you are feeling very anxious it is advised that you talk to someone about how you are feeling.

Please get in contact with these two wonderful organisations Beyond Blue and PANDA for more support and contact your GP or maternal child health nurse for more information and therapy.

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