Hey Mama, Why is Breastfeeding Easier On One Side?

Hey Mama! I just wanted to tell you that I love the milk that you make me!

Even though it’s the only food I’ve tried, it’s my favourite! It fills me up just the right amount and I don’t know why, but, I always feel like drifting off to sleep afterwards...

When I get to drink from you, I know that I’m safe. I LOVE that little singing thing you do and the way you stroke my head, it feels so nice and comforting. I like when Daddy sings too because he does that weird rocking thing that I like… but it’s you and your milk that I want, mostly.

That’s why I wake you up at night sometimes – you always know how to calm me down and you seem to always know what I want!

The World is So Big Mama… and Confusing!

When I was snuggled up inside you, everything was really easy. But, now that I’m in the “real world,” things are a bit confusing.

Like your voice! Before I was in the real world, when you talked or laughed, it sounded muffled. Now that I’m in the real world, when I hear you talk or giggle its louder and I can see your face. It’s the same with Daddy’s voice too!

Could you feel me kicking mama? I wasn’t sure if you could and I wanted to let you know I was listening. See Mama, the real world is more fun because I can see all these things now, but, it’s also really confusing when I can see that you’re upset and I don’t know if I’m doing this whole “baby” thing right. So, I have a question.

How Come We Both Get Upset When I Go to the Other Side to Have a Feed?

Every time I go to the side that has the little freckle, I can’t find the part where I drink from because it’s a little flatter than the other one. When I go to the freckle side, I feel you tense up and sometimes you will cry and then I will cry… I’m sorry Mama, I’m trying really hard to suckle but I don’t think it’s helping … I just really want your milk!

Why is this side different though, mama? With the other side it’s easy to suckle and I feel like I could drink foreveeeeeeer. But on this side, I can’t get my mouth to stay on like it usually does, it’s always slipping off! Like I said, this “baby” thing is really confusing and I think I’m doing it all wrong...

What’s with the Plastic Thing Mama?

Hang on, what is that little plastic thing that you’re putting over the drinking part on the freckle side? It feels different in my mouth! I can still see your skin underneath but it looks shiny and feels smooth! And it’s much easier for me to suck on… I’m not slipping off anymore!

You’re not tensing up as much either and you’re starting to do the soft singing that I like. Woo-hoo, this is working for me and there is milk too! I can see that you’re smiling now and daddy looks happy too.

I love your milk mum, even though I’m confused about most things these days (like what the plastic thing is), you always seem to know what to do and that’s why you're MY mum.

I love you mama!

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