What I Learned During the Last 6-Months of Breastfeeding Bobby

We just passed six solid months of breastfeeding, with the addition of solids in the past three weeks to help Bobby gain weight.

Speaking of which, I really struggle with those growth charts that the MCHN has. We are all made so differently! All four of my boys have been on the petite side of the charts, which, apparently, is a cause for concern...

Bobby has had genetic testing, blood tests, x-rays and ultrasounds. All of these have come back clear and he has been given a clean bill of health. I am very happy they are so thorough, but, it can be a little daunting putting him through the wringer.

Deciding What to Feed Your Baby Isn’t Always Simple

As we are now beginning the process of baby-led weaning, I find myself stumped for food ideas! I have honestly lost count of how many times someone has said to me, “It’s your fourth baby… it must be so easy for you”

Well, it’s not easy. Not at all! All four of my boys have been different, but, I would never have called any of them easy!

I Can’t Wait for Winter to End!

None of us have coped overly well with the winter. In fact, we’re all going a little stir crazy. There have been a few times that I could have easily had a Britney 2007 moment and completely shaved my head!

The house has been pretty closed off from the outside world with the blinds drawn and the heaters on. So, we could all use some vitamin D!

Recently, I have tinkered with the idea of Bobby having a bottle every now and then… obviously only containing mama’s liquid gold.

I have no issues with my supply. I actually have more than we need and I’m able to express very easily using my Medela Freestyle Double electric breast pump. So, we always have plenty of milk.

I have tried giving him a bottle twice with no success. He is only interested in the direct source! For now, however, I will persist.

A Little Extra Cleaning is a Part of My Daily Routine Now

The pump accessories need to be washed and sterilised… and the spoons and dummies are right there behind them, waiting for their turn.

I find it difficult to use those bulky microwave sterilisers and I can’t help but make a mess using a big bowl and boiled water, both of which actually add more washing up for me to do.

Medela’s Quick Clean Microwave Bags Are Amazing

I recently came across Medela’s Quick Clean microwave bags. They are safe and hygienic, eliminate 99.9% of germs and are small and easy to store. Best of all, disinfection takes approximately 3 minutes!

Could these bags be any more amazing? Well, yes, actually!

They are also multi-use bags. In a box, you get 5 bags, each of which allows you to sterilise 20 times. This gives you 100 uses per box! They are so easy to use. They even have little numbers on the back that you can cross out each time you use them. This helps you to easily keep track of where you are.

The quick clean bags are compact enough that I am able to keep one in my nappy bag just in case we are out and about and something gets dropped or my Freestyle parts need sterilising.

I love innovative products that make family life quicker and easier. So, when I stumble across gems like these quick clean bags, I’ll share them with you. If you come across life-altering products, please share them with me too!

Medela’s range of pumps and accessories have really made my breastfeeding journey so much easier and more enjoyable.

Have you come across any breastfeeding products that have made your life easier? Which ones? Let’s have a chat here or on the Medela Australia Facebook page!