Mum’s Journey: An Open Letter to My Incredible Breasts

My dearest Boobies,

Can you believe that we have been together for eighteen years?

I was about fourteen when you started to make your appearance. Most of the girls at school were wearing sports bras or push up bras, but, not us. You lived in little white singlets with cotton-like lace shoulder straps...

Remember when mum used to make us wear them… like all the time? She said they would keep my back and chest warm, so, that I wouldn’t get sick. I hated wearing them; they weren’t “cool” and I was the only girl wearing them!

Then Came Our First Bra

I feel like the transition from singlet to bra was fast enough though. In fact, it felt like an overnight change.

Where did you girls come from? And why were you so big? I went from being “the girl in the lame singlet” to being “the girl with the big boobs!”

All I wanted was to fit in, but, because of you two, I stood out.

Is There Such a Thing as the Boobie Fairy?

I remember wondering if there was such a thing as a boobie fairy… you know, like a little tiny fairy that appears in the middle of the night, has a quick glance at you and thinks to herself, “this girl will never play a contact sport or run. So, just for giggles, let’s make them big enough that she’ll never comfortably sleep on her tummy!”

She waves her magic wand and says “bippity boppity boobies” (as Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother would say) and just like that, huge knockers appear!

The boobie fairy lets out a laugh and she’s on her way to the next girl that has reached puberty... because maybe, just maybe, she thinks young women don’t have enough to go through.

Are we destined to only wear the kind of bras that Nan used to wear? Although I think at the ripe old’ age of 32 we have overtaken her size, so the choice is limited even further!

All the same, I am determined to find you something beautiful, girly, comfortable and age-appropriate… but these things take time, lots of time!

There Are a Few Things That I Want You to Know

I am so very grateful to you both; together we have nursed four beautiful baby boys. The roads we have travelled together haven’t always been easy, but, it has always been worth it.

You have always been amazing. On December 10, 2008, I changed. I became a mother and, at that moment in time, you also changed. I guess you could say you went from being a decoration to being a food source; you provided the nutrients that Hudson needed to grow.

Now, Look at You Both!

You have successfully fed three boys with the fourth still being blessed with your precious nectar. As we speak, you are giving him the strength he needs to develop, as well as, providing constant comfort in these witching hours.

Sure, you are getting a little older and you may have begun your journey “down south.” Don’t worry. I am along for the ride and I’ll always do my best to take care of you in case of any sudden changes.

Every year, I’ll be sure to make a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation on your behalf. Together, we will wear a pink ribbon for the whole of October to raise awareness and show support for the woman around us.

You may not be as firm and as flawless as you used to be, but, you are INCREDIBLE. I wouldn’t want you any other way!

You Are a Pigeon Pair and I Love You Two Just the Way You Are

By the way, in celebration of breastfeeding awareness week and in acknowledgment of the “Foundation of Life,” between the 6th – 19th, August Medela are going to donate $10 from every electric breast pump sold through Baby Bunting to the Mcgrath Foundation.

Thank you my wonderful girls. You’re the best!


What would you like to say to your own incredible breasts? How would you describe your breastfeeding journey? Let’s have a chat here or on the Medela Australia Facebook page!