Trust Me… This is the One Breastfeeding Accessory Every Mama Needs!

My pregnancy was entirely different this time, which is why we were so convinced we were having a boy! I wouldn’t say it was “better” or “worse” than my pregnancy with Kora; there were just so many differences – from the morning sickness to the heartburn...

I had an emergency C/Section with Kora and an elective C/Section with Indi and my delivery experience was definitely a lot better this time around.

I wasn’t exhausted from the get-go. Different pain relief was used this time too and, overall, the recovery has been completely different. I’m finding that I’m feeling a lot better, sooner, this time around. 

Breastfeeding Isn’t Always Predictable

In a lot of ways breastfeeding Kora was very similar to how it is with Indi. Although a major difference I’m finding is that Kora liked to comfort suck a lot and wouldn’t accept a pacifier. Whereas Indi seems to feed for hunger and does accept a pacifier in the times when she’s looking to comfort suck. Fingers crossed this doesn’t change!

You just never know how breastfeeding will work out for you and your baby, so, when Indi attached first go for the first time in recovery, it really was an amazing feeling.

We’re Off to a Good Start 

I’ve been feeding Indi every 3 hours, just when she’s hungry. If she wakes up crying at the 2-hour mark, I’ll just feed her then.

During the night, I let her sleep, as she likes to sleep longer at night (lucky me!) But, if I wake around 2 am and she hasn’t woken me for a feed, I’ll go and wake her up. I’ve been trying to pump once a day, mainly to build up a supply for when I go back to work, as Indi has been exclusively breastfeeding from the beginning.

Returning to Work Won’t Stop My Breastfeeding Journey

In preparation for going back to work, I’ve been loving the convenience of using breast milk storage bags and placing them straight into the freezer for whenever I might need them in the future. The designated spot on the bag lets you easily see the date the expressed milk, as well as, the amount! 

This is the One Breastfeeding Accessory Every Mama Needs!

Also, having the bustier this time around has been AMAZING. I don’t know how I survived without it in the past. Pumping used to restrict me for however long my pumping session took. But now I can pretty much do anything I need to while pumping whether that is preparing Kora a snack, or even brushing my teeth. I don’t have to hold onto the pump or wait until I’m finished pumping to get things done!

Everyone needs the bustier!

Also, it’s amazing how much better you feel breastfeeding when you have a straight back. Posture has played such a role for me in being comfortable while breastfeeding and I always make sure I have some water and a snack nearby. 

One Last Breastfeeding Tip

Another breastfeeding tip would be to not hesitate in seeking assistance with any concerns you might have… If you’re concerned about supply, try to increase the number of times you express or feed in a 24 hour period.) And, if you’re going to be expressing, you absolutely NEED the bustier.

If this is your second child, there will be much less time to sit on the lounge expressing while having a cup of tea. It would be near impossible for me to run around after Kora while pumping if I didn’t have the bustier!

How would you describe your breastfeeding experience? What is the one breastfeeding accessory that you wish someone would have recommended to you before you got started? Let’s have a chat and support each other here and on the Medela Australia Facebook page.