Freestyle Flex™ Press Release

MEDIA RELEASE: 1 October 2019

Celebrity and sporting champ mums launch Medela’s smartest flexible breast pump and #PumpedforLife awareness campaign

Freestyle Flex double electric breast pump with the pump sets

• Yummy Mummies’ star Lorinska Merrington, and AFLW star Erin Phillips and wife Tracy help launch Medela’s most-advanced, flexible breast pump, Freestyle Flex™.
• The Freestyle Flex™ is Medela Australia’s first app-connected, flexible breast pump designed to fit all mums’ natural breast shape, for up to 11 percent more milk.1
• Lorinska, Erin and Tracy will also champion Medela’s #PumpedforLife social campaign – celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of every mum’s breastfeeding journey.
• It comes as new Medela research shares some of the challenges some Australian mums feel during breastfeeding and breast pumping – including where more than a third felt ‘judged or criticised’ and one in four felt ‘ashamed, embarrassed or awkward’.2

Yummy Mummies’ star Lorinska Merrington, as well as dual-sports star and AFLW 2019 finest footballer Erin Phillips and her wife Tracy, will today launch Medela’s first flexible, app-connected double breast pump – the Freestyle Flex™.

Developed by Australia’s most-trusted hospital breast-pump innovator, Medela, the Freestyle Flex™ aims to help mums have the flexibility to pump anywhere, anytime, for 11 percent more milk1.

The pump can be shaped to fit all mums’ natural breast shapes, and is compact, lightweight, quiet and USB-rechargeable so mums can express anywhere, anytime. And as a double pump, Freestyle Flex™ halves the time required to express compared to a single pump.

It’s also connected to the MyMedela app, enabling mums to track every pumping session, access expert tips and be part of a community of over 12,000 mums.

Lorinska, Erin and Tracy are also calling on mums to join them in sharing their breastfeeding journeys via social media as part of Medela’s ‘#PumpedforLife’ campaign, to celebrate the uniqueness of every mum’s breastfeeding journey.

It comes as a new Medela survey found a portion of Australian mums still experienced challenges with breastfeeding and breast pumping including2:
• Half of mums surveyed said they felt ‘confused and overwhelmed’ during their breastfeeding journey.
• More than a third felt ‘judged or criticised’, and around one in four felt ‘ashamed, embarrassed or awkward’ at times.
• More than half who used a breast pump said they ‘felt frustrated with the time it takes to pump’, one third had problems ‘not expressing from every milk duct’ and almost one in five said they had problems ‘fitting the pump completely over their breast’.
• Around 40 percent were ‘unsure if they were producing enough milk’.
• Almost half turned to support via online platforms like Facebook groups.

Why Lorinska is proud to be a Medela Freestyle Flex™ and #PumpedforLife ambassador

Yummy Mummies star and entrepreneur Lorinska said she was honoured to be an ambassador for Medela’s state-of-the-art Freestyle Flex™ breast pump and its #PumpedforLife campaign.

“I know firsthand breastfeeding isn’t always easy – but what’s important is ensuring every mum feels informed and supported about where and how they feed their baby,” Lorinska said.

“Everyone’s breastfeeding journey is different and Medela’s Freestyle Flex™ and the #PumpedforLife social campaign is all about celebrating this.

“I’ve been proudly using Medela’s breast pumps to give me the flexibility to run my business, while ensuring I can continue to breastfeed my beautiful babies – both of which were important to me.

“Now Freestyle Flex™ means I can express even more comfortably, quickly, quietly, anytime, anywhere.

“#Pumpedforlife is about getting mums to join me in sharing and celebrating the realities of every mother’s journey with feeding their baby. The perfectly, imperfect experiences – because we’re all in it together.”

Sporting stars Erin Phillips and wife Tracy share why they’re proud champions of Freestyle Flex™ and #PumpedforLife

AFLW star Erin Phillips who has three children with her wife Tracy said breast pumping gave her the opportunity to also be part of feeding her three babies.

“Tracy and I are so proud to help launch Medela’s Freestyle Flex™. For us, it’s meant Tracy can express so much more comfortably and quickly, anytime, anywhere, and gives me the opportunity to be part of the beautiful and incredible experience of breastfeeding,” Erin said.

“We know every mother’s experience breastfeeding is unique and different. We’d love to see and hear mum’s proudly sharing their breastfeeding and pumping journeys – and how you live fully and flexibly while breastfeeding – in whatever ways work for you.

“Whether it’s playing sport, heading back to work, date nights out, or having others be involved in the feeding – it’s about continuing to normalise breastfeeding and breast pumping and how diverse it is for every mum.”

Building supportive social communities

Medela Head of APAC Cluster, and Managing Director for Australia & New Zealand, Jarrod Percy said Medela was proud to be at the forefront of leading research, scientific innovations and advocacy in breastfeeding.

“We’re proud to have worked with scientists and mothers in designing our most-advanced pump yet. The Freestyle Flex™ is aimed to fit into every mum’s life – giving mums even more freedom to express anytime, anywhere,” Jarrod said.

Medela Education Manager and Lactation Consultant, Kristy Newnham said, “breasts are like fingerprints, coming in all shapes and sizes.”

“So, it’s wonderful we’re moving on from the non-existent, ‘perfect’ round pump shield that’s been around for decades – and created a pump with a shield that’s shaped for every mum’s natural breast shape – for more comfort, and less compression.”

“Medela is proud to support all breastfeeding journeys, and we know it isn’t always easy. Sometimes when mums share their struggles and triumphs with other mums, it creates an environment where mums feel more informed, and less judged.”

“And we know social media is a powerful source of support for many mums – and it’s the reason Medela’s launching the #Pumpedforlife campaign. It’s about making sure every mother feels informed, confident and supported – and continue to normalise breastfeeding,” Kristy said.

Mothers across Australia are encouraged to share how they live fully and flexibly, tagging the hashtag #PumpedforLife, as well as @Medelaau.

The top 20 most compelling posts will also win a VIP breakfast experience with Lorinska at the Pregnancy Babies and Children’s Expo in Melbourne on 18 October at 9am – as well as the chance to win Freestyle Flex™ breast pump packs and an additional gift, valued at over $600.

Freestyle Flex™ will launch 1 October 2019 in Baby Bunting stores and online via for $549.95. For details, visit

Media, bloggers and VIP Medela mums’ breakfast launch at PBC Expo Melbourne with Lorinska Merrington

Medela ambassador Yummy Mummies’ star Lorinska Merrington will celebrate the launch of Freestyle Flex™ double electric breast pump and #PumpedforLife at an exclusive breakfast at the Pregnancy, Babies and Children's Expo on 18 October.

Media, bloggers and around 20 mums – the winners of Medela’s #PumpedforLife social competition – will hear from Lorinska, Medela Head of APAC Cluster, and Managing Director for Australia & New Zealand, Jarrod Percy, as well as Medela lactation expert Medela Education Manager and Lactation Consultant, Kristy Newnham.

• When: 9am, Friday, 18 October 2019
• Where: Pregnancy, Babies and Children's Expo, Melbourne Convention Centre

Media contact: To attend the launch or arrange interviews, contact Katie Martel, Croft PR, +61 413 780 545,


About Medela Australia:
Medela provides breastfeeding mums, families and communities with leading breastfeeding products, expert insights, and ongoing research and education to support the breastfeeding journey.

Medela exists to enhance mother and baby health through the life-giving benefits of human milk. Medela has actively been supporting Australian mothers, babies, and their families in Australia for more than 18 years.

Medela was founded in 1961 and has become a global player in breast pumps and breastfeeding products thanks to continued research and innovation, and the continual evaluation of, and response to, customers' evolving needs.

Since 1996, Medela has continuously funded the Hartmann Human Lactation Research Group in the School of Molecular Sciences at the University of Western Australia.

This collaboration has led to the momentous discoveries of the true internal anatomy of the lactating breast and stem cells in human milk.

Medela Australia provides support and education to mums through MyMedela and the following:, @medela_au, #medelaau

More about the Freestyle Flex Pump
Medela’s first Freestyle Flex™ is a double-electric breast pump designed to fit into every mum’s life. Its light, compact design and USB-chargeable battery gives mums the flexibility to express wherever and whenever she likes, for the most comfortable feed.

Key features include:
• Its MyMedela app connectivity ensuring mums can easily track and log session times, settings used, the amount of breast milk expressed
• The shield’s soft, natural rim with a unique 105˚ opening angle, and an oval shape that can be rotated 360˚
• Medela’s 2-Phase Expression® technology to mimic a baby’s sucking action
• Its light and compact design, weighing less than 300g, to fit in the palm of a hand
• It’s quiet – Freestyle Flex is noticeably quieter than Medela’s Freestyle
• Built-in rechargeable battery lasting for up to eight double-pumping sessions, so you can express anywhere - no need to search for a power point
• USB port for powering up on the go
• Overflow protection to prevent milk from entering the tubing and motor
• Full support kit - The electric breast pump also comes with everything needed to collect and store your breast milk, including a carry bag and a cooler bag to help keep breast milk fresh if pumping away from home.


1 Clinical studies, PersonalFit Flex compared to PersonalFit data on file (NCT02496429, NCT02492139, NCT02719548, NCT03091985).
2 Medela Australia Breastfeeding and Breast Pumping Snapshot, conducted August 2019 surveying 300 Australians