Let's Talk About Stress and Worrying

When your precious little bundle is first placed into your arms, you feel a feeling of love like you have never felt before. Who knew that something so tiny could produce such a strong reaction out of you?

But along with that love comes other emotions, other feelings that you often can't shake. We are here to tell you that constant state of worry, of nervousness, of self-doubt and even fear are very much normal.

Emotions are real, and they need to be acknowledged

It's actually quite amazing how hard we begin to feel our feels once we give birth. Hormones are raging more than ever and you're tired. You're so tired you didn't know it was possible to function on the amount of sleep you seem to be managing on.

We all know when your baby is born, you feel that special bond with the person you literally grew inside of you, who was a part of you for 9 months and will continue to be a part of you for the rest of your life. So it stands to reason that with that love will come a whole heap of other emotions. 

Mother's guilt is real, sure. But do you know what else is real? Mother's fear.

Mother's Fear - It's okay to be scared

Look, we get it. It's scary having a baby. You have someone who is completely helpless in your care, someone who needs you to survive. Being scared is a natural reaction when you are so depended on by someone who can't care for themsleves.

You just want to bring them as close to you as possible and never let them go. They're safe as long as they're in your arms, right?

Try not to think like that. You will be the best version of yourself if you are calm and relaxed. Babies are so much smarter than we give them credit for. Picking up on our vibes is something they are more than capable of doing. If you're worked up, if you feel as if you need them on you 24/7, they will feed off that. Just be you, your baby will feel your love radiating from your body.

Worrying is second nature for a mum

Being worried is something we likely noticed our mums doing for us back in the day. It's what their mums did for them, and the ones before they were even born did for each other.

It is only natural and second nature to feel those kinds of emotions once we become a mother, and the worry will never go away. When they are a baby it's likely a fear that your baby isn't being fed enough, or that they'll roll over and not be able to get back. When they're 18, you'll be stressing about when they'll get home, if they'll get home, how they'll get home. It's honestly always something.

But it's nothing we can't control. Take a minute, and breath. Find a way to relax, to actually think through the situation in front of you.

Is your baby having wet nappies? Are they gaining wait? Are they showing signs that they're about ready to flip onto their tummy from their back? Like we said baby, babies are smarter than we give them credit for. Yes, they need us. But they also need to learn how to do things for themselves.

We wrote this so you knew you are not alone

And that's the only reason. The way we feel about our new babies can be so scary. Hormones are running rampant, you're exhausted and all you want to do in life is protect your baby. We get it. Oh do we get it.

But remember, you are not alone and you've got this 💛

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