Mum's Journey: Introducing Jade

Jade is an Online Fitness Coach who is passionate about all things health and fitness, having won State and National Championships in her Bodybuilding Division before starting her family.

Now, she is a mum to the simply beautiful Marli and pregnant with her second baby, due any day now!

Medela recently sat down with Jade to talk about all things Motherhood and Medela.

 Let’s start with the basics. What’s it like being a mum?

Being a mum is by far the most challenging, yet most rewarding job in the world! No one can prepare you for it or explain it to you, some days are tiring and tough but it is all so worth it when you experience the love and bond between you and your precious child!

Give us a run-down, who is Jade Mead and what drives her?

I am a Mum first and foremost! But I am also an online fitness coach, I have been in the fitness industry for 12 years now. I used to compete in bodybuilding/fitness competitions which was how I initially grew my online following.

Since then I have learnt to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle and it is my passion to help other women and especially mums to feel good about themselves, because I know all too well that being a mum means we tend to put ourselves last. But being the happiest, healthiest version of you is only going to benefit you as a parent and lead a wonderful example for your children.

Tell us why you believe the Swing Maxi double electric breast pump will be a big help to you with a toddler and newborn?

When my daughter Marli was born (she is now 3), I had a lot of trouble initially with breastfeeding because she wasn’t able to latch. So I had to pump every 3 hours to be able to feed her my milk. The Medela Symphony breast pump was a lifesaver for me in those first few months.

Now that I am expecting a newborn any day now, having the Swing Maxi will mean that I am able to double pump on the go and be able to top up baby girl with my breastmilk if she has any latching or feeding issues like Marli did. Or if I am just simply needing a hand and want someone else to feed her!

We know you are a fan of Medela, tell us your favourite products and why you love them.

Well obviously the double pump will be number 1!

But I also found the Medela Contact Nipple Shields to be absolute lifesavers when Marli wasn’t able to latch. I’m also looking forward to using the 3 in 1 Hands-free Pumping & Nursing  Bra - that is going to come in so handy!

How do you feel better prepared for baby number two versus number one?

It’s crazy how much more relaxed and prepared you feel the second time around! I haven’t had to purchase too many things because I still had it all from the first time around, and mentally I am just so much more prepared and ready because I know what to expect!

I am just so excited to meet our second bundle of joy.

Breastfeeding. We all know it can be hard but tell us why you found it hard and how you overcame those issues.

The main issue I had the first time was because Marli couldn’t latch well and wasn’t gaining enough weight. So I did a lot of pumping for those first few months to ensure she was getting enough of my milk. Having to wear nipple shields for the first few months was quite stressful and frustrating too.

And also the trauma we put our nipples through when breastfeeding! But it was all worth it and I was so grateful to be able to breastfeed Marli for 2 years.

When did you decide to start your pumping journey? Before or after birth? When did you get your first pump and why?

Before giving birth I didn’t know much about pumping or if I would need to, but thankfully where I gave birth the midwives were very helpful and I initially hired a Medela Symphony pump off the hospital.

You are such a busy woman. A mum, an incredible business woman and always looking so put together. How do you balance self-care and being a mum? Do you have hobbies and favourite things to do?

Aww thank you so much! I can assure you I don’t always have it together haha! I am very lucky to have a super supportive husband who also works from home so we both have the flexibility to support each other and be home a lot.

My daughter also goes to daycare twice a week so that I can get most of my work done on those days. She also loves the gym creche which gives me the chance to fit my workouts in!

Tell us three words you would use to describe Medela

Life saving, supportive and needed!

If you can give the mums out there reading this interview one piece of motherly advice, what would it be?

The best advice I could give is to not be too hard on yourself. We always put so much pressure on ourselves as mums and we feel so much Mum Guilt with everything we do.

At the end of the day, all you can do is your best and as long as your child knows how much they are loved and cared for - that is all that matters!

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