Mum's Journey - Introducing Nartarsha and her boys

Natarsha Bamblett is an Indigenous leader, facilitator, speaker, storyteller and entrepreneur. Her strong voice and sense of self is something to be proud of, and we at Medela could not be more excited that she has become a Medela Mum.

We recently sat down with Nartarsha to talk about all things Medela, Motherhood and her work as a leader in the Indigenous space.

When Medela first reached out to Nartarsha to become an Ambassador for our new Freestyle Hands-free breast pump, it was with excitement that we discovered Nartarsha was a kind-heard soul that believes in empowering women and by supporting ourselves we can be a better mother to our kids. Values that we at Medela also hold close to our hearts.

“I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this breast pump”, Natarsha begins excitedly about the Freestyle Hands-free. “It is a literal lifesaver, it enables me the freedom to do other things while I pump. It has allowed me to feel supported to go back to work and makes it so easy to do things. I have duality, I can pump while still being able to attend to life”.

When Nartarsha first began to use the pump, her family were very impressed. “It’s totally electric? You just push a button? You can walk around?!”  Those are some of the main features of the Freestyle Hands-free that Medela designed with mums in mind. Convenience and ease? Yes please!

A big part of why Nartarsha loves this pump is because of how her partner can feel as if he is a bigger part of the feeding process. “It has empowered my partner to be more involved during feeding time and strengthening his bond with our baby. He had 4 weeks off work and we could truly appreciate being together as a family”.

While sitting down with Nartarsha there was one topic she opened up on that we know will resonate with virtually every mum out there.

“Because this is my second baby, I recognized the post-natal symptoms. I had experienced those same feelings the first time around and so I was more prepared this time. I managed to turn this around and 2 weeks later I felt like myself. The Freestyle Hands-free helped me feel calm and not overwhelmed. Where I once had sensory overload, I now had time to breathe. I could sit on the floor with my baby and play, all while pumping. The first time around at being a mum, I forgot to eat. I was so focused on my baby that I forgot I too needed to be taken care of. This time, I can still nurture and nourish myself and I can do it without my baby attached to me. I have been given the gift of time. A remote is lighter than carrying a baby!

The Freestyle Hands-free helps with my milk flow and keeps my production consistent. I am lucky to say I can express up to 200mls with each session. I have noticed no difference in my output between this pump and my more traditional one used last time”.

Nartarsha knows that as a pumping mum, you need more than just the pump to make it a successful experience. “That bra (the 3in 1 Nursing and Pumping Bra), amazing! And Purelan, I used it all the time in the beginning. It really helped with my soreness!”

Our 3in 1 Hands-free nursing bra has been hailed by all those that have tried it as amazing. 3 uses in one bra? How could it be anything less. It’s a nursing bra, can be used with a traditional breast pump and the cups on the Hands-free breast pump can also sit inside the bra. What a winner!

Purelan is such a favourite among our Medela mums. Made from 100% lanolin, you are provided with instant relief on your cracked and sore nipples. Plus, as a bonus it is a fantastic lip balm and works a treat on cracked skin!

As well as being a mum to two young boys, Nartarsha does incredible work as an Indigenous woman in her community with Queen Acknowledgements. She provides “acknowledgement to country while providing deeper understanding and respect for First Nations people and culture. Giving not just an acknowledgement but extending it beyond words and creating an experience that embodies everyone. You become a part of what is taught. The main thing is providing knowledge, awareness and understanding to all.”

Running support groups and information sessions and speaking at schools, Nartarsha wants to give everyone the confidence and support they deserve to feel. The confidence of self that can often be lost when becoming a mother.

“Being a mum is a marathon, a life-long journey of learning. Remember to mother ourselves. Each child, each experience with birthing, a motherhood is a journey to embrace and don’t try to do it alone. Embrace changes from the physical and emotional. Remember different women have different births. Cherish these newborn moments while you still have them.”

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