Mum's Journey: Introducing Jen

Jen is a Mummy Mental Health & Equality Advocate who is a mama herself to three gorgeous boys.

Being a mum who knows a thing or two about raising kids, we could not pass up the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with Jen all things Motherhood and Medela. You can hear in her own words just why real women out there truly love Medela products.


We know you love Medela products, tell us which is your favourite and why.

Jen: My favourite would be The Medela Swing Maxi Double Breast Pump. It's portable and easy to use. Also, as a mum of 3, I have a lot on my to-do list so having a double breast pump makes it faster for me to pump and move on to the next thing on the list.

We love us a time-saving tool in all aspects of life!


Breastfeeding. We all know it’s hard, but tell us why you found it hard and how you overcame those issues. Having had 3 children, we know you must have some tips!

Jen: Breastfeeding is not just physically hard for me, it’s also mentally and emotionally draining. It really takes a lot from us mums. So take that long shower, go to the supermarket alone, schedule that night out, or whatever it is that can fill your cup.


Tell the mums out there why breastfeeding worked for you and why you think they should experience this special moment with their own children. Why did you choose to pump? Work or knowing the continued nutrition was best for your baby?

Jen: It worked for me because I love the special bond I have with my babies. My reasons for pumping? With my eldest, he didn’t sleep well so I needed help once in a while so I can have a little break. With my second, he was born at 34 weeks and stayed at the special care for 3 weeks. With my youngest, he is such a good sleeper so I need to pump at night. We are also preparing to introduce solids so I’m stocking up on breastmilk to add to his food.


When did you decide to start your pumping journey? Before or after birth? When did you get your first pump?

Jen: Since my experience with three kids are all very different, I always decide after birth. I got my first pump when I had my eldest.


How do you pass the time when you’re breastfeeding? Do you watch TV, or are you scared the light will wake the baby? Do you read? Or is it too hard with one hand? When it’s late at night and you need to keep relatively quiet, what are your tips?

Jen: With my eldest, I watched the TV most of the time but when I had my second son, I went through postpartum depression and that was the moment I started my Instagram account, Mummyhood Australia. I connected with other mums and it felt really good, I didn’t feel alone anymore. During night feeds, I make sure it’s not too bright in the room. I don’t keep quiet haha, I get them used to people talking or music playing but I make sure not to overstimulate bub.


Have the Silicone Breast Milk Collector and Breast Milk Storage Bags been an absolute game changer?

Jen: The Silicone Breast Milk Collector is definitely a game changer! I used to waste so much milk while feeding on one side but with the milk collector, I get to save every drop of liquid gold in storage bags and it goes to our milk stash.


Accessories and add-ons are so often lifesavers!

We love what you have come up with using our Silicone Soothers. What made you decide to use a soother?

Jen: To be honest, before reading about Medela Silicone Soothers, I was not keen to let bub try any soother. My other boys didn’t like Soothers but my youngest showed interest and now, since it’s so light, I just hand the silicone soother to him and he does the rest.

 Such a simple, yet gorgeous design!


Tell us what life is like with 3 sons.

Jen: It’s crazy beautiful! I love being a Boy Mum and love seeing how different they are to each other.


What was your transition from 1 to 2, then 2 to 3 like?

Jen: The transition from having 1 to 2 kids was a breeze for me. My eldest was so gentle around the baby. The transition from 2 to 3 kids was not that easy though. I needed a lot of help from my in-laws, they looked after my eldest as much as they can so I can take care of my newborn and at the same time potty train my second.


Tell me three words you would use to describe Medela.

Jen: Convenient, Reliable, Quality

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