Mum’s Journey: 9 Weeks Old and We’re Back on Track!

Two weeks have passed since Katie confirmed my suspicions as to why Sophie’s feeding had changed. Since then I have also been back at the pump, filling her up.

The workload has increased, but I don’t mind. Now, I have a contented bubba who sleeps easier...

I’m slowly easing up at the expressing. I’m also keeping an eye on her nappies for a change in consistency as this could be an indicator that she is not getting enough of the fatty milk.

When she has a short feed and falls asleep at the breast, I express and top her up.

We went back to normal breastmilk bowel movements every day and only recently this last week they have spaced back out to every 2-3 days. This still unsettles her and I wonder if there is a magic trick to help this become an easier experience for her and us? She tends to want to feed every two hours and bites at the breast.

We are coming up to 9 weeks since birth and I am hoping to get Sophie into more of a regular feeding routine. I’m hoping this will make life a little more streamlined with a busy three-year-old. The next step is to get tips on going from on-demand feeding to routine based feeding.

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