A Dad’s View of the Breastfeeding Journey

I always want to be there for my wife, but, the baby wants breast, breast and more breast. So there is only so much I can do...

Still, I Do What I Can

I provide support by helping the baby to settle after a feed, in the early hours of the night. Maybe more importantly, I just check in with her to see how she is doing.

The regular wake-ups are wearing me down, so, I don’t know how she keeps dragging herself out of bed for each feed. Some days, she passes the baby over to me as soon as I walk in the door. Others seem to have gone smoother.

Lisa had to establish her breastfeeding routine, so, I wasn’t able to relieve her by feeding the baby with the bottle early on. As Sophie began feeding better and bringing Lisa’s supply back up, I was able to step in and do a bottle feed at night. This proved to be a game-changer for her energy levels.

I shared my wife’s concerns when Sophie was fussy and wouldn’t feed. I was definitely worried when she was not gaining weight as she should!

Breastfeeding Just Makes Sense!

Being from a family of 7 children, all of which breastfed, I was very supportive of my wife giving breastfeeding a good crack. I just didn’t anticipate all the hurdles that would come with it!

I was really proud of Lisa’s perseverance. She didn’t give up and, in the end, got Sophie breastfeeding. It would have been easy for her to throw the towel, but, just kept going. She has been a real trooper!

There is no way I could do what mums have to do. It blows my mind!

- Tim