Mum’s Journey: Introducing Livia

We like to introduce you to new mum, Livia. She’s a Sydney-based mama and beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. Over the next few months, she will be sharing her pregnancy and breastfeeding journey as a first time mum to the beautiful baby Jordan...

We recently had a Q&A session with Livia where she shared some insights about herself and her experiences with morning sickness and other common pregnancy symptoms.

Let’s find out more about her and her pregnancy!

Introducing Livia!

I'm Livia, a new mother to a healthy baby boy called Jordan. I've had my ups and downs throughout these past 9 months, whether it was morning sickness, tiredness or painful leg cramps... but it's all worth it in the end. I'd do it all over again!

Up until the final weeks of pregnancy, I was beginning to feel more tired and heavy, but overall pregnancy was definitely a life-changing experience for me.

Congratulations to You and Your Partner on the Birth of Your First Baby! How Are You Feeling? Nervous? Excited?

Thank you! I remember feeling very excited and nervous because I was about to meet my little man for the very first time. 9 months of being pregnant is definitely a long time and so being able to meet your child for the first time is definitely an exciting experience.

As for being nervous, it's more a feeling of expecting the unknown. Am I ready to be a new Mum? How will this affect my current life situation?

Have You Done Much Research Into Breastfeeding? What Are Your Expectations or Hopes?

I've definitely looked into breastfeeding. I also attended the classes being offered at the hospital.

From my perspective, breastfeeding gives babies the best start for a healthy life and provides many benefits for the health and wellbeing of mothers and babies.

During pregnancy, I hoped to breastfeed as much as I could and so I was exploring the Internet and trying to educate myself as much as I could before I give birth.

What Made You Want to Use Medela Products on Your Breastfeeding Journey?

From research, I know that Hospitals use Medela Symphony breast pumps and other Medela products and I've heard great things about the brand from friends and family.

I've compared products and brands and I have to say that I'm really impressed with the technology behind the Medela breast pumps.

Have You Received Any Motherhood or Breastfeeding Advice from Friends and Family?

I've heard from friends and relatives that breastfeeding can be a challenge, but it's a matter of giving it your best from the very start. I guess my favourite advice has to be, “Know that newborns nurse A LOT!”

There are many benefits to feeding your baby breast milk and we will hear more from Livia on her preparations and beginning of her breastfeeding journey soon.

We are looking forward to seeing more of Livia and little Jordan.

How would you describe your own breastfeeding journey? What advice would you like to offer Livia as she starts her journey? Let’s have a chat here or on the Medela Australia Facebook page!