Mum's Journey: Introducing Shreya and Ryan

Shreya is a mama and wife who believes in the art and importance of self-care. With her beautiful baby Ryan being born prematurely and spending the first weeks of his life in the NICU, Shreya is able to talk freely and honestly about what it's like being a mum of a premmie. 

She has used Medela products from the get-go and will continue to do so for some time to come.

Let’s start with the basics. What’s it like being a mum?

Being a mum is the best feeling ever. There is definitely a lot to learn as a new mum, along with many sleepless nights but it is just an amazing feeling that cannot be explained in words. It can be tough at times but it is so rewarding at the same time especially seeing those tiny hands and feet, and that laugh and smile is to die for.


We know you love Medela products, tell us which is your favourite and why.

My favourite is definitely the Swing Maxi Double Electric Breast Pump, along with the Easy Expression Bustier. These products when used together make life so much easier. Can get so much work done while pumping instead of just sitting in one spot and having a double pump saves a lot of time.

Like magic together!


Breastfeeding. We all know it’s hard, but tell us why you found it hard and how you overcame those issues.

Breastfeeding was extremely hard for me in the beginning as Ryan was born prematurely and stayed in the NICU for a few weeks so it was hard for me to keep pumping every 3-4 hours at home and then taking that to the hospital everyday. Being a first time mum, it was already hard enough and not having the baby with me while pumping did not make things easy. As they say you produce a lot more when you’re with the baby physically.

All I did was remain consistent with pumping and obviously the Swing Maxi helped me a lot to get through that time.


Tell the mums out there why breastfeeding worked for you and why you think they should experience this special moment with their own children.

Breastfeeding worked for me because I was consistent and really wanted my baby to be breastfed as I have heard from my elders that it is always best to breastfeed.

It creates a special bond with the child that you cannot compare with anything.


When did you decide to start your pumping journey? Before or after birth? When did you get your first pump and why? Returning to work or wanting Ryan to receive the best nutrition all the time?

I started pumping after birth as being a first time mum I had no idea how to express. My first pump was the Hospital Grade Medela Pump (the Symphony) that was given to me after birth at the hospital.

I do not plan to return to work anytime soon as myself and my husband feels Ryan needs me. Being a premature baby he is a little slower than other kids his age. I would like to spend some more time with him before deciding to go back to work.

You can see where the Symphony is availble to rent here

We love that you practice self care. Tell mums out there why it’s so important to remember you are still a woman who deserves to treat herself.

Self-care is extremely important especially after having a baby. With all the sleepless nights and endless laundry and housework sometimes you just forget that your body and mind need rest and care. I make sure I go out alone every week and do something like get a pedicure, get nails done or go out for coffee with a friend. Anything that makes you feel better.


Is Ryan much more adept at latching and breastfeeding now?

Yes, definitely. Being consistent with breastfeeding has helped us with proper latching and breastfeeding.


We are very excited to see what you are about to come up with using our Night + Night Soothers. What made you decide to use a soother?

After birth at the hospital they asked my husband if we wanted to give our baby a soother as I was still under anaesthesia after having a C-Section and my husband said yes, (without thinking any further), that should be fine, as he was so overwhelmed with everything that was happening. And since that day Ryan loves using soothers and is very fussy with what brand he likes and he loves the Medela Soothers.

Also, I read somewhere that using soothers helps to protect babies from SIDS and I was very concerned about this as being a new mum. You read things on Google and they just stay in your head and you get concerned more than you should.

And these soothers glow in the dark!!


Tell us three words you would use to describe Medela.

Reliable, trustworthy and value for money


If you can give the mums out there reading this interview one piece of motherly advice, what would it be?

I would say that just take it easy and don’t be too hard on yourself. Your body is already going through a lot of changes and you need rest too. Don’t think that you are a superwoman because we are not and our bodies need the well-deserved rest. Don’t worry how messy the house is or how much laundry/unwashed dishes are there, its fine it will get done eventually. Rest as much as you can and enjoy this phase as much as you can.

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