3in 1 Hands-free Pumping and Nursing Bra

Say hello to the nursing bra changing the Breastfeeding Game!

A nursing bra that really does it all

Who would have thought that you can keep the same bra on to use as a pumping AND a nursing bra?! 

You can pump and breastfeed discreetly and in total comfort, and you have the colour options of black or white and sizes S-XL. But what exactly are the 3 features that make the 3in 1 Hands-free Pumping and Nursing Bra so special? Let's take a sec and break down just why this bra is changing the game for nursing mums all over the globe.

In-Bra Pumping

You may have seen our new Freestyle™ Hands-free breast pump being promoted lately. The latest addition to our Breast Pump catalogue and the first of its kind. But for those of you not familiar, the Freestyle™ Hands-free is a breast pump that allows you to pump completely, you guessed it, hands-free! Talk about a gamechanging product 🙌

But the pump can't be used unless you are wearing a nursing bra, and this 3in 1 as an option has been designed with the Freestyle Hands-free in mind.

Simply slide the collection cups into the bra, and you are done. Go about your day, play with your toddler, fold the washing, do the dishes or just sit on the couch and relax (we certainly recommend that one). No matter what your plans are, you can pump away knowing those collection cups are sitting snuggly inside your bra!

Traditional Nursing

Breastfeeding is such a special time you can share with your baby. When that precious bundle snuggles in to you and looks up at you with those eyes (we know you know that look) there is no other feeling that warms the heart quite like it.

The beauty of the 3in 1 is that it has full drop down cups, which maximises the amount of skin-to-skin contact you are getting with your baby. A woman's body is truly amazing, and the bond this simple act creates is one un-matched.

Traditional Pumping

When double electric breastpumps were first introduced to the market, they were a true gift to a breastfeeding mama. Being able to double pump not only saves you time, but has also been proven to produce more milk 1.

And being able to buy a bra that allows you to do it hands-free?! 🤯

Simply pull down the first layer of the cup and you are able to pump completely discreetly! With the additional fabric staying in place, your breast stays covered and you can pump in front of people without having to worry about a faxu-pas.

One look at the features in one place, you'll be hooked!

  • Medium to high support to hold bottles and in-bra pumps in place
  • 1-step hands-free pumping
  • Lightweight and comfortable with breathable perforated foam pads and soft touch material
  • Soft Touch Adaptive Stretch™ technology for a perfect fit that grows with your changing body
  • Full drop-down cups so you can enjoy maximum skin-to-skin contact while nursing to help you bond with your baby
  • Fits most electric breast pump shields and in-bra pumps
  • Available in black or white and in sizes S-XL for great support & perfect fit

      💛 Just amazing features, are we right?! 💛

And that's why as a nursing Mama you need this bra in your life

Honestly, if you can put your bra on in the morning and not have to worry about changing it AT ALL throughout the day, is there really a better feeling when your feeding and pumping?

Time is not on our side when we have a baby, so anything that will help aid us during what can be a tough time is a simply fabulous thing indeed.

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